Influencers in My Life on Money, Relationships, and Health

My Life Influencers in Money, Relationships, Health, and Business
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Influencers influence you. Influencers influence your mind, body, and spirit. Who we are influenced by can be chosen by us. It’s up to you to determine your influences.

Because I’ve been trying to share more about me as a person on Tru.Works, I’ve decided that you guys should know who influences me deeply. I have many influencers that I trust and listen to regularly. I may even try new ones from time to time but for the most part, I stick to the same few people. The influencers I am about to share with you have changed my life in some way, and I hope that they can do the same for you too.

One day I will be like one of these influencers. That is my goals.

When it comes to relationships this is my influencer

Most of you know that I’m married. I have been with the same man nearly 10 years, and I’m only 26. We’ve met at a very young age and fell in love a year after we’ve met. But, as much as many believe I live a fairytale kind of life, they’re very wrong.

I work very hard at my marriage. Both my husband and I do. Marriage isn’t easy, staying together in a world that doesn’t want us to is hard and if it wasn’t for my 2 favorite relationship resources I use I may have left my husband a few years ago.

My favorite book, that I wish everyone in the world would read is, His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley Jr. This booke breaks down the needs of a man and woman and how to meet each other’s needs to prevent affairs happening in marriage.

My biggest fear ever is getting divorced. That’s personally something I’ve struggled with and had led me to be a crazy lady wife. I tried to do everything to be a perfect wife in the beginning of our marriage and it didn’t work. It was so bad that my husband asked me to stop being a good wife. So what did I do? I needed to reach him, and understand his needs and my own so that I can communite them to him.

I highly suggest reading this book if you want to get married, or are married. This book changed my life, and has helped me understand my husband so much, I don’t have to waste my time trying to guess what he needs. This book has also helped my husband and I really hope it helps you.

Podcasts are a great influencer

My headphones are constantly playing podcasts. Podcasts can influence your day greaatly. They can lift you up and change your day around. I have been listening to the Focus On The Family Marriage Podcast hosted by John Fuller since I can remember. Well maybe actually for over a year now.

This podcast tackles the misconceptions of marriage, and misuderstandings of gender in marriage. I love this podcast because it shares real life marriage stories of cheating, betrayal, money mismanagement, and children issues, and more. These stories are shared by Christians and offer Christian advice and solutions to the many marriage problems many couples come by.

I’ve learned how to be a less argumentive wife, and be proud of my female traits that I learned my husband longs for. This podcasts helps you understand your spuse, and helps you realize that things could be worse in your marriage.

Have you ever heard of Joseph Prince, an influencer from Singapore?

Joseph Prince has saved me from condemnation. I lived a life where I tried to prove to God that I was a good person. As soon as I messed up I would go rampant and do whatever I wanted to because I was hopeless. I wasn’t good enough to be a Christian. I was a sinner and I couldn’t change.

As hard as I tried to change, I was human. Although I believed in God and accepted Christ into my heart, I had missed one big concept and that was simply that Christ gave me His blessings. It’s because of him that I am the righteousness of God. No matter how much I messued up, God loved me. No matter what I did, God takes care of me. This is because of Jesus.

Joseph Prince’s Audio Podcast, taught me that I would never know how much God loves me until I understand how much God loves Jesus. Joseph Prince’s teachings have changed me because of his wisdom and easy explanations of scriputre. Although Joseph Prince has an accent when he speaks, I can ignore it and understand his words.

If it wasn’t for Joseph Prince’s podcasts, and videos, I would still be trying to earn God’s blessings and salvation which cannot be earned. I recommend that everyone give his podcast a chance. Any misconceptions you have about Jesus, God, and being a Christian will be thrown out the door and you will begin to be able to rest.

Christ paid for our redemption.

Joel Osteen, another major influencer in my life

Joel Osteen is a different kind of pastor. Of the many influencers in the pastor realm, he’s one of my favorites. Now I know he’s a bit controversial but I ignore the critics and listen to Joel Osteen on my own and take his teachings as inspiring and helpful. While Joseph Prince can teach me and build my faith in God, Joel Osteen has a way of inspiring you and bringing you up out of your bed.

When I listen to Joel Osteen I feel as if my mojo has come back. I remember why I got started, why I’m alive and why I continue to write for Tru.Works. When I feel stuck, when I feel paralyzed, Joel Osteen has a way of bringing me into a place of gratefullness and to remimagine the things I want to have.

Joel Osteen brings me to release the chains I have around me that limit me. I remember how good God is and how badly He wants me to succeed. Joel Osteen challenges the way I think and helps me clear my mind of anxiety, depression, and even self-doubt. I encourage you to listen to Joel Osteen, and you’ll see that in one message, He can inspire you to get up and follow your dreams.

My other influencers are…

  • Chalene Johnson
    • Chalene Johnson is my go-to person for health and social media. It’s her marketing techniques that have influenced me to be the social persona I am throughout my social networks. I love to listen to her podcast, Build Your Tribe, which teaches me how to use social media to reach many people with my writing. Not only does Chalene influence me to be a better person, but to take care of my mind, body, and spirit as well!
  • Grant Cardone
    • Mr. Grant Cardone is one hardcore influencer. He’s tough to listen to but he pokes at your insecurities in business and money so that you can get out and begin to sell yourself, your product, and your ideas. Grant Cardone wants everyone to be prosperous, and successful with your money, and business.
  • Melissa Molinaro
    • Melissa Molinaro has my dream body. Melissa is a fitness girl that is beautiful and strong. I inspire to be physically strong, and even act, and dance one day. I am shy and unable to right now but maybe just maybe I will be one day. Thankfully, Melissa inspires me to be less shy and stay healthy!
  • Hyde
    • Hyde is the lead singer of L’Arc~en~Ciel. This is my favorite band that had led me to want to influence Japan and its people. one day I hope to meet Hyde and maybe even help bring him to Jesus.
  • Cesar Millan
    • Cesar Millan is one of many influencers who teaches leadership. While it may not seem like it since he teaches humans how to take care of dogs and lead them, ultimately his lessns bring confidence to dog wners arund the world. Cesar Millan has taught me how to be a leader, and to respect nature and animals.
  • Sara Puhto
    • Sara Puhto is an influencer who had suffered from depression and self-mutilation which is not necessarily something I’ve suffered from but she exposes herself and her insecurities via Instagram which is inspiring to many women across the web. She shares her insecurities online and takes photos of them and discusses them on Instagram.

Strive to be a better you

If you’re sitting here thinking that you know it all that there’s no one who can teach you anything I want you to take the chip off your shoulder and understand that yu know nothing. Was that too harsh?

We must be humble and realize that other people know better in certain areas in life. We don’t know everything and we can’t know everything. Always be learning and always be striving to be a better version of yourself. Influencers are who they are because they help many people.

My influencers may help you r lead you to find other influencers that you’ll like and resonate with you more. That’s up to you to find them but don’t live a life thinking you don’t need any help. You do!


  1. Bree
    February 13, 2018

    I definitely enjoyed reading this article! We all need encouragement, especially nowadays I feel like. Joel Osteen is one of my favorite influencers. He can lift anyone up by the grace of God. Never stop learning!

  2. Samuel Ekanem
    February 27, 2018

    I usually don’t care or read blogs haha but I did. Yours experience are worth sharing and amazing besides the way you wrote them makes it so interesting and captivating. Thank you

    1. Yessenia Diaz
      February 27, 2018

      Thanks for the comment! I’ll make sure to keep writing and reaching out to more people 🙂


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