My New York City Interning Experience

You may have noticed a lot of entertainment and culture posts on Tru.Works and if you’re a fan and have seen this it may have bothered you that I have less personal posts since my heightened posts on movie and YouTube reviews.

In my entertainment review posts, I write about Netflix movies or television series but my favorite topic to write about is comedy. Of course, it doesn’t answer why I’m writing entertainment articles and that’s because I started an internship with a giant blogging company named Monologue Blogger whose audience are actors, actresses, and entertainment gurus from New York City.

Monologue Blogger has over 50,000 views a month and want to double their audience which means they need more content for their website which is why they began hiring interns.

I started interning with them at the end of August and was hired by my Pokémon Go article where I talk about what Pokémon Go’s effects toward marketing and its influence to other game creators and advertisers, especially in marketing.

That article actually was my first ever professional article I had ever written and my writing shocked the owner of Monologue Blogger enough that he let me know he’s not particularly looking for people who have a Bachelors in journalism but a passion for writing and blogging which is what I have.

He did explain that he would need people who can write but he would have someone edit my work and then hired me over our phone interview! My internship has taught me that with challenge I can certainly grow as a writer.

I’m excited that I actually have published work now on my Monologue Blogger author page. When I saw this internship opportunity online I never thought I’d get hired for it. I’m actually happy that I went through with it. I was uncomfortable but I knew I needed to grow in my writing. I wanted people to see me more professionally than just a lifestyle writer.

Now I feel more confident in my writing. That’s exactly what I needed to better my writing. I want to get into running businesses or helping out in the back end of things. I want to do that professionally to learn more about what I need to do with Tru.Works. Once Tru.Works gains a lot of traction I really want to run my own business more than anything.

I’m not sure exactly what will become of Tru.Works but I know that I can’t wait for that moment when I can work only on my own things. Until then, I need a better job and so I’m learning through this internship and with other opportunities that come my way.

My next step is to get into YouTube marketing. You’ll begin to see my face and myself as a public figure. I’m excited for this next step. I plan on making my vlog about Tru.Works but I want it to be more of talking to people about different subjects. I’m not going to make it an everyday blog but a weekly thing so that I can continue writing and working on Tru.Works’ website.

I’ll definitely update my readers about everything I’m planning on doing and so you’ll never have to fear about that. For the next few months you’ll continue seeing posts on entertainment and will be seeing a little less of my personal posts, which I miss writing about, but Tru.Works is still headed in a great direction.

Until next time!

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