It Has to All Work Out

It Has to Work Out
©Ryan McGuire 2016

I’m a huge fan of the television sitcom, Friends. Like many Millennials, we’ve all watched at least one episode of the popular television show growing up and have had many laughs with the cast and even have favorites between the girls and guys on the show.

We relate to each character differently and can sympathize through the break ups and good memories they go through during the ten seasons of the series. Out of the six characters I’ve always felt as if Rachel was the one chick I could admire and want to be the most like.

Rachel was pretty, fit and confident in herself but she also went through her struggles. She was engaged to a dentist and left the man at the altar and moved to New York City to fulfill her aspirations. She started working at a cafe while living with her best friend, Monica, for about a year.

I found it amazing that she had no idea what her life was to become of her and lived day to day uncertain about her future challenges. Rachel fell in love, and went through heartache but she eventually took risks and became an executive with Ralph Lauren. She then attained her own assistant, which she slept with but, I mean, she had an assistant and not many of us can say that.

Although the show is obviously fictitious, I still enjoy rewatching every episode. I’m such a huge fan of the writing and as I get older the show makes more sense to me.

Twenty-five is around the corner for me and If I’m correct, it’s around twenty-five through twenty-eight where these characters paths all cross.

When I was twenty, the show was funny. I was in college and I used to watch the show in the background so I had something to listen to while i worked on papers for school and did housework.

Today, I’m practically twenty-five and I work at a restaurant. I’ve invested in two companies and work on my own side business and it seems to everyone that I’m financially and emotionally stable, my life is actually a joke. I am pretty broke and my love life is alright. I’m married and happy but after being with someone close to ten years it can get pretty repetitive.

See, now I watch Friends and comparing Rachel’s life with my life makes me feel that everything is going to be alright. It just has to all work out eventually. This isn’t my best day, month or year but give me ten years and it’ll all lead to something great.

No one is exactly sure where their life is going to take them. Luckily, I have someone who is there for me in everything and willing to work with me through the boring moments of my life and the exciting and fruitful points of our adventure.

Rachel had her own goals. She only wanted to get into fashion with the intention of becoming a buyer and at the end of the television show, she had a choice to take her and her daughter to Paris to study fashion and work next to amazing people for as long as she wanted or to stay in New York and work things out with the father of her daughter and fall back in love with him.


It wasn’t until Rachel had the option to leave the United States where Ross realized that he was going to lose the love of his life. He wasted eight years arguing and not taking Rachel seriously and that moment she finally made a decision to say her “good bye” to Ross was when Ross realized that even though he’s strived to become a successful paleontologist and professor, that all these accolades didn’t matter without Rachel or Emma, their daughter together.

The final episode of Friends ends with Ross and Rachel finally ending up together. I love that episode.

I’ve grown up to realized that there’s no standard by which we should all live by where we need to meet and accomplish our goals. Rachel was an assistant to her boss, Joanna, at Bloomingdales at probably age 26. Ross was a professional at his museum at about twenty-eight, twenty-nine. Monica was still working “lame” restaurant jobs before she finally got a legit restaurant job in season four. Chandler had always had a steady job until season nine where he begins his career in advertising, and Joey never gets his big break in acting but he’s Joey. He can live off of Monica and Chandler.

You know, who said we’d have to have our career started at twenty-five? Who set the standard where we had to be married by age thirty and have kids by thirty-five?

Who was the person that said that we couldn’t fail or we had to be successful at all times?

It’s a lot of bogus.

At the same time, I compare myself to this standard.

I’m almost twenty-five and I’m married. I’ve been t college but I haven’t worked a professional job at an office since 2014. I have very little money to my name but I moved to New York City at twenty-four.

Rachel was scared when she quit her coffee house job. I was scared to leave my career in Pennsylvania. I still think I’ve possibly made the mistake of leaving but I’m not going to make my decisions end in vain.

I can’t afford to waste the time that I already spent on this earth by giving up on myself. Even though it may seem Rachel didn’t do so much with her life every day, at the end she did. In ten years her first professional job was to sort hangers for an old man at a large fashion firm. Ten years down the road she was offered an all paid living situation to Paris. Although Rachel made small moves in her career and love life, in whatever she focused her attention on eventually prospered.

Rachel stayed in New York with a successful career and wonderful family. Some people may have let to Paris and other people would have made the same choice as her. At the end of the day, Rachel made decisions. She made decisions and she lived with them.

That’s what I appreciate about Rachel.

She left her coffee house job, she left Ross after he cheated on her, she had a baby with Ross and was married to him and signed the papers to divorce him. She chose to keep her baby and became a wonderful mom. She even left a man at the alter that she didn’t love and lived with that decision forever.

Rachel started with nothing to her name and built a family and career on her own. She had wonderful and supporting friends to help her along the way.

Yes, she almost caved and gave up on herself when she hit thirty but luckily she came to her senses and decided to end things with her assistant and made the decision to only want to get involved in a serious relationship with someone that could lead to marriage.

Maybe, I won’t know where I’m going to end up. I just know that If I stick and stay with my marriage, Tru.Works, and my investments and friends that it can only lead me to good things. Today, everything is uncertain for me but something’s going to have to give eventually.

My job is just to prepare myself for when that day happens. Until then, I’ll keep writing and reaching out to friends and family and sharing their stories around the world for everyone to read.

This is a true story, for all to read and understand that they are not alone.

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