It’s All About the Money Democrats

It's All About the Money Democrats
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This week I’ve had more political conversations than normal day-to-day conversation and I’m absolutely exhausted from defending Trump supporters and playing devils advocate against Democrats. I feel awkward networking now that I find that if I don’t let out at least a general understanding of how to deal with Trump supporters I won’t feel as if this conversational warfare will never stop. Remember, I live in New York City. It’s the liberal capitol of America and for any Trump supporters out there I’m sure they feel out of place or hated.

If we took away the idea that the problem everyone has with Trump is only about human rights and the environment and focus the issue back to money the Trump supporter begins to make sense. What Trump supporters have on their mind is money and jobs.

Money is the tool that provides us with the ability to build cities, take down regulations, pay politicians and government employees, create jobs, and enjoy life. For those of us that believe there’s more to life than money, you have a point but for all those things that are ‘more important than money’, you’ll need money to do them. This includes wanting to be happy by traveling, trying new things, learning new things, and even spending time at home with family and ‘not spending money’ which in fact laying down in the heat and using electricity costs money.

The problem Republicans have right now and why they voted Trump is because of money. Generally speaking, Republicans believe they need money to live a great life and must create money, save it, and believe everyone should have the ability to create it freely.

Money is what drives the economy and to Republicans making money is more important than how they feel about what a person thinks about them or how someone made them feel about their race or gender because at the end of the day they understand that if you work hard and create an income that provides a great living that that alone proves that no matter your race or background you too can become an influencer.

Republicans, much like entrepreneurs believe everyone can make money. Republicans understand that to have the government handle things no one wants to take up like the police force, and public education, we all must pay a certain amount out of our checks to pay the government to handle those things. This payment is our taxes.

Republicans aren’t idiots.

Republicans just want to be able to create income, save it, and spend it. In Obama’s economy, many young Republicans feared they were at the short end of the stick. As for the other things like the environment and human rights, they also believe they can’t do much about it without money. Is that entirely true? Yes and no. We can protest for the environment but to keep something like protection over our natural sources of water, we can win the protection of these bodies of water but to think that it doesn’t cost money to maintain rivers and lakes- you’re lying to yourself.


Because of the approvals of certain ideas (liberal or not) Obama accrued much debt while in office. The Balance teaches us that there are 3 ways to measure debt when a President’s in office. These are the three numbers they give us.

  1. 19.947 trillion
  2. 6.576 trillion.
  3. $983 billion

All things that many people want like cheaper healthcare, government issued abortions, environmental regulations, granting illegal immigrants citizenship are all things that seem beautiful on the outside but cost money to maintain and allow. It’s easy to sign a document and have certain things get done but even so with the signature of the President on an executive order, there comes a cost to all things many Democrats want through the government that Republicans want to instead pay for themselves.

When it comes to the refugee executive order Donald Trump had signed to block the immigration of refugees from 8 countries which are listed by the US government as risky countries to admit refugees from due to the practice of radical Islam I can say that it’s been quite a controversial action by Trump but to believe he chose to do this because of racism is indeed ignorant. The executive order does prevent a specific group of people from entering the United States because of an extremist religion but this religion does not equal race. Whether it does ban a race or not it’s not legally meant to.

The whole point to this halt of particular refugees and, let’s throw the wall in there too, is to stop immigrants, illegal criminals, and refugees from taking American jobs. It’s all a movement toward deleting our debt and bringing back money into Americans pockets and getting us out of debt so that America can help out other countries again in better standing.believe believe America is not in bad shape with money you’re living in a bubble. The debt has doubled! Even Obama had to create a stimulus package to help the American economy pick up at the time of the recession.

Are our American jobs more important than the problems of the illegal immigrant or refugees from other countries? That’s the big question and this is what separates most people. This is where many people even go as far as saying this is why money isn’t everything. I totally agree with that, money can lead us to do bad things but at the same time, I’d like you to consider that just maybe banning illegal criminals and stopping Islamic terrorists and Syrian refugees wasn’t an attempt to save American jobs. Yesterday Starbucks declared to give 10,000 jobs to Syrian refugees and while a liberal may believe this is a wonderful thing Starbucks has done, the mind of the conservative thinks that Starbuck abandoned many American workers and gave up our jobs to other people which add to our job crisis in America.

I’m just saying to look at things from both sides. Neither side is wrong or right.

I’m not saying that human rights are not important but what I’m trying to get through is to possibly to put yourself in the shoes of other people. Stop believing all Trump supporters are idiots, racist, and against the environment because it’s this belief that led Trump to win in the beginning. While Democrats were very vocal about their beliefs and ideas and how stupid Trump supporters were, many Trump supporters kept their opinions to themselves because of the feeling of hate and eventually won the election by Electoral College.

Half of America voted for Trump, and when you demean one half of America you bring down that half of the population. Why do you think you get opposition and backlash from Trump supporters, and that’s because they feel attacked.

It costs money to be happy. That’s a simple fact, and that’s the whole mindset of the Trump supporter. What many Democrats feel today Republicans have felt for 8 years is what one Trump supporter has said. Watching Obama grant women free birth control- who’s paying

While watching Obama grant women free birth control- the republican thinks about who’s paying for that? Nothing in life is free.

It’s these thoughts that I listen to from my fellow friends where I can say, fine- lets give it a shot and fix our debt problem for these 4 years. In this world, we all have to compromise and if you feel that Trump is the worst thing in the world right now remember that another half of the country didn’t. Maybe they’re on to something, it doesn’t hurt to take a breather, humble yourself and ask.

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