Journaling to Relieve Stress

Journaling to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

At ten years old I began journaling. I have journal excerpts from 2003. That was over ten years ago. My journaling had helped me through the toughest times and it has recorded my biggest achievements. After I got married journaling had become quite sparse for me and now, I have realized that neglecting keeping journals has been detrimental to my mental health.

Journaling since 10

Divorce was something I suffered from early in my life. I describe how I dealt with divorce as a sort of suffering because to me, at twelve, I did suffer. I was unsure of what happened between my parents. Moving into my aunt’s home and then back int our home was challenging.

Not only was moving challenging for me but I also had to change schools. As a young girl, a lot of these changes were tough. I remember after the changes between my family I wasn’t able to see my father for some time. To this day I don’t know the truth about my parent’s marriage. By now I have forgiven them yet if it wasn’t for journaling I would have tried to figure my thoughts out some other way.

What journaling does

I’ve journaled through middle school, high school, and somewhat throughout college and my marriage yet my toughest times were during high school. I have a record of my crushes, my first period, and even excerpts of my husband and I while we were dating.

Journaling organized my thoughts.

I find that that’s the most important part of journaling. All the thoughts, anxiety, and even depression get sorted out on paper. Everything comes out of your head and you then realize what thoughts are dumb to think about and which thoughts are important to acknowledge.

Depressive thoughts were so foolish to me in high school. Seeing my thoughts written had me get stronger because I couldn’t stand myself writing that way about myself. I have many stories about how people treated me and how much it bothered me back then. When I wrote it out, it wasn’t so important anymore.

Journaling helps anxiety

Anxiety and stress have complete control of my life. If I don’t Pray to God I can’t relieve myself from my worries yet I can never find myself to pray and talk to God about my life completely.

My biggest struggle is that I keep everything in and to myself. I keep my issues inside and I don’t even share them with God. It’s hard and stressful to do this but I do it anyway and I’m not sure why.

Journaling to God

Now when I journal, I journal to Father God. This is one of the few ways I can ask Him for help. Maybe you need to ask God for help and can’t verbally do it. Me too. This is why I write. I write about my worries about work, my plans for our relationships, and even my future goals.

This type of writing can then inspire you to then become verbal with God. I had become so quite toward God, and to be honest I’ve always been this way. It had gotten worse as I got older. With marriage and building a career, you get kind of stuck in your mind.

I remember that I stated out loud that I wanted to be recognized b corporate in the company I work for. Lo and behold, I am. I’m so grateful for being promoted within my company and training to open and develop restaurants.

I’m now one step closer to getting into corporate. I can’t wait to learn about how to run a business nationally, not just at a single store level.

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