Lessons to My Younger Self

Lessons to My Younger Self
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In the shower, your greatest thoughts can come about while you lather up. In the shower, it’s all about you and your body. You can think about the spiritual realm, speak with God, and ask yourself questions. Memories can enter your thoughts as well as songs and regrets.

The one thing about the shower is that scenarios from the past always come up and anger me. I have thoughts like, “I wish I said something”. Or even, “I wish I did this, or next time this happens to me I’ll d that”. Technically these thoughts are regrets and the underlying wanting to avenge ourselves but we never did because we let God handle that scenario. 

As humans, we let God handle things and sometimes we make mistakes in which we did things our own way and find that we learned several lessons the hard way. These are also shower thoughts.

In the shower, you can receive the greatest ideas, life lessons, and epiphanies. These ideas could be ideas we’d teach others because, in reality, we can’t teach them to our younger selves. We can’t rewind time and redo certain situations, or say things we wish we said. We just can’t.

But if we could- what would you tell yourself? I asked my Twitter family this questions and here are some results:

If you could teach a lesson to your younger self what would it be? 

*The responses are edited for quality assurance*

Francis Eghehan

If I were to teach a 10-year-old one lesson it would be how to develop personal learning strategies, make them believe that the human mind is capable of a lot.

All children won’t react in the same way to the same task or topic/subject. Some will be quite proactive while others will be reactive, depending on how they have developed the reasoning pattern.

I would give my 10-year-old child the chance to personalize their learning experience as much as possible.

( I believe Francis answered the question, “What he would teach a 10-year-old?”.


I’d tell my younger self to learn everything there is to know about personal finance and health.


Buy Google and Apple.


The lesson to my younger self would be to always guard your happiness and health 🙂


Plan for retirement better, put God first ALWAYS!


Spend less and save more. Wear what’s in your closet and shop at thrift stores some of the time. Don’t ever stop exercising. Always show love.


If God were to teach me a lesson: He is with me when I feel most alone. He begs for me to aknowledge Him. He seems my fears and the things that make me feel less. He wants to use my life to HIS glory and to be my Father. Above all, He died for ME while I was still a sinner which is today! I can never earn salvation, but HE gives it freely. Praise be the name of Jesus Christ.

God always keeps us in a frame and while we can get out of the frame, as long as you go back toward him He will bring you back to your frame. While we’ve all have our lessons to learn we can teach someone about our life lessons.

This is what Tru.Works stands for. I want to help people by sharing stories. For those of you who have participated in this post. I’m grateful and hope to hear from you again!


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