Lessons I Should Have Learned: Humanity 101

Lessons I Should Have Learned: Humanity 101
©William Stitt 2016

In this world, everyone has to compromise. If you tell me that you live a life where everything goes your way, please tell me what island you live on so that I can join you.

Because we must all compromise on many issues we must all learn to get along. This is what the American education system has taught me more than any math or English lesson I’ve been drilled to understand.

Math is a translation to help us understand other countries and how many things work so that we can build together and solve number problems with each other.

English and any other language have taught me how to further understand what people have written. From cuneiform to today’s English humans have tried to communicate with each other to get messages and news across to solve problems.

Science has taught me the chemistry that lies within each human and their biology. From DNA to chemical coHumanity 101mpounds, we gain a basic comprehension of what were all made of and where we come from.

Let’s skip to gym class and say that even in the gym, whether we changed or not, we learned to respect and speak to an authority figure who also lead teams in which some days we were leaders and other days we were followers.

We probably would be better off learning some formulas and grammar but I believe that the American education, in reality, teaches us how to get along n with each other more than anything.

From our multicultural classrooms, we learn how to create and how to share our creations with each other in a world where we have to compromise. I would have also loved to take a class called Humanity 101 where we learn manners, how to make a living, pay bills, and instead of worrying about mitochondria being the powerhouse of the cell- giving us a better understanding of today’s society would be a great help to our children today.

But, we all have to compromise. We don’t have this kind of class now but I could see a giant push for this type of teaching later.

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