Local Starbucks Networking

Local Starbucks Networking
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My husband and I have lived about 8 months in New  York City and for the past 4 months, we have had no wifi. Shoot me please because living without wifi is hell on Earth. As much as my roommate has tried to get us wifi, he has failed time and time again but luckily I’m a woman that makes do with what she has and I have a local Starbucks.

I’ve been visiting my local Starbucks and enjoying a venti banana and a grande ice water 4 days out of the week so that I won’t be looked down upon while I take up a seat for a couple hours at Starbucks. I’ve seen mothers, students, entrepreneurs, homeless people, Pokemon Go players, and the Starbucks employees living their lives and working hard.

It can get rather hectic at Starbucks and as a former 2-week Starbucks employee, I give these baristas credit in what they do because learning all the ingredients and merchandise Starbucks sells isn’t easy. That’s why I keep it simple with them because I hated working for Starbucks. I know burgers and fries, not beverages. No harm to Starbucks, I just wasn’t a great fit for them.

There is one thing I love about Starbucks. I enjoy the idea that anyone can come in, sit down and have a coffee and meet anyone. I’ve met people running errands, mothers with super expensive strollers and entrepreneurs.

I love asking people questions about what they’re doing and there’s no better spot to do so than Starbucks. I should get sponsored by Starbucks but I’m not.

Anyway, I just got a free tall caramel frappuccino and now my brain is kicking. Why would you pay for your drink and leave it behind?

Today, I had nowhere to sit at Starbucks which is the worst thing that can ever happen to you when yu have things to do. It’s awkward and you have to wait for a seat or ask for someone to move over.

Today was different. I went to Starbucks a little later and there were two men who took up 4 seats. Taking up that many seats is a Starbucks sin and I could have asked for them to move down but instead. I decided to wait. Eventually, another guy left his seat and I was able to plug in my laptop and begin working.

After they used the bathroom the packed up and left and looked over at my laptop screen and asked what I was working on and read the title of my website, Tru.Works. First thing’s first, I’ve never had a random person say the name of my blog before and it satisfied me knowing they could read it.

They wanted to connect with me and see if I could share some of their content with Tru.Works and I let them know I was definitely open to the idea. They were real friendly and handed me a business card to contact them about partnering with their business and share content with each other.

Lately, I’ve been through many battles and it’s refreshing when someone has a genuine interest in what you do. Today I wanted to stay home and sleep in until I had to work later tonight but I encourage you to get up and give today another chance to be fruitful.

I have no idea what doors will open because of these two men who have stumbled across my website but I do know that any person who is aware of my website the more people who can engage with Tru.Works the more traffic my website can bring in.

Nothing that you do will be an instant success. It takes dedication, hard work, and a lot of mistakes to make a business successful. But with every achievement and person that shares a good opinion of your website, the more it motivates me to keep pushing.

This is a ramble, I know it is but I’m hoping that if there’s anyone else doing what I do that they would not give up. You may not have the amount of visitors you want but it’ll get there, establish your online presence. Collect emails, and bust your butt.

You can do anything you set your mind to. Surround yourself with individuals who do the same thing as you and are more successful.

If you want to share your story with me I’d love to hear about it. Email it to shareit@tru.works to get started!

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