Long-Distance Relationship Tips

Long-Distance Relationship Tips
Long-Distance Relationship Tips
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At some point, some of us will be in a long-distance relationship. It happens to all of us. There are relationships that started long-distance and for others, your spouse ended up on a business trip for a couple weeks or so which makes your relationship long-distance now.

It may feel as if you’ll never experience far away love but you will at one point in your life. How do you prepare for such thing? How do you get past the distance?

Goal for a Long-Distance Relationship

Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not each couple needs a goal to looks forward to. This includes the yearly vacation, weekly dates, gifts, movies, and planned events. These plans give a couple something to look forward to. A reason to stick with each other and handle anything that comes our way.

I understand some of us can’t meet monthly, let alone weekly but this is where deliberate communication and planning are important.

Communication for a Long-Distance Relationship

In today’s society, there is no excuse for poor communication. A lack of communication in a relationship is lazy and undisciplined. We have cell phones, laptops, mail, and plain verbal communication to connect with each other.

In long-distance relationships, you’ll have less face to face conversation and more texting, phone calls, and social media talk than any other form of communication.

In a long-distance relationship, it’s very important to know each other’s schedules and talk anytime you both can. It can be an early morning conversation that continues via text and sharing memes throughout the day with a final phone call at night.

Even with all this communication, there will be moments where you both won’t talk to each other. How can you be certain of each other’s schedules how do you know if you can trust each other

The answer to that is that there is no way to be certain about trusting each other and that is where trust comes in.

Trust in a Long-Distance relationship

Using myself as an example, I went off to college and lived in my own dorm while my boyfriend stayed behind. I had to trust that he was faithful and while he was not he also had to trust that I was faithful even though I was. With that being said, I don’t regret loving him as much as I did and when I moved back we ended up working things out anyway.

I couldn’t fulfill his needs and while we were young we learned valuable lessons from the distance.

This man changed for me and became my husband but if I didn’t forgive and let go of the past I don’t know who I would’ve ended up with today but this all came from a relationship that was really close that became a long-distance relationship due to my college choice.

My goal was to not stay a long-distance relationship forever. The final goal should be to come together.

My husband and I chose to one day meet on up again get married and live together. It was this goal that helped me get through school and helped him get through work and school. It was this goal that kept us looking forward and motivated us to get up every day and and do what we had to do

Although at one point my trust was broken. today it’s not anymore and if it wasn’t for the long distance that we had at that point in our relationship we would have never realize our own personal problems and our own psychological obstacles. I think that sometimes when you’re in a relationship where you’re always together you end up depending on each other to fulfill your needs when in reality you can’t fulfill all of your partner’s needs and vice versa. We will always disappoint each other.

Long-distance relationships help us learn how to satisfy our own needs and how to look to God to supply our needs since He’s the only one who can completely give us what we need.

It’s been said that the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with can only fulfill 80% of your needs. Some people will leave their partner in search of the 20% only to find that another person is missing another 20% you need to be fulfilled.

Long-distance relationships should not last forever and they’re not meant to be permanent. That’s the aim for a long-distance relationship. Whether the plan lasts a period of three years to ten years the goal should be to finally get together.


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