Men Are Like Cats And Here’s Why

Men are like cats and here's whyMen Are Like Cats And Here’s Why

Dogs are man’s best friend. Cats seem to be the opposite of dogs where they enjoy their private life and only come to you when they need food or attention. A lot of people will argue that men are like dogs and women are like cats. I beg to differ. Men are like cats for many reasons. I’m not saying that men aren’t like dogs but to open your mind as to what a man might be. A man is more than what people believe they should be. They’re exceptional, and I have many reasons below.

Men need their alone time

Cats like to be alone. Men enjoy being with the boys and having time to just be a man. Yet many men do enjoy their alone time. Time to be themselves, and to enjoy their hobbies. Like a cat, a cat can be left alone for hours at a time until it’s time to eat.

You can leave a man in the basement with his hobbies and he’s as happy as can be. But after that time is spent it won’t be long before you’ll see your man peek upstairs to be around you. I’m telling you men are more like cats than we are, and Jodi Miller thinks so too.

Men are resourceful

When a cat needs to catch a mouse it will use its own environment to help catch the mouse. When a cat needs to get from point A to point B it will use the curtains, or the couch to do so. A cat is resourceful and tends not to lean on others to find things out for themselves.

Men are like cats in this way. Generally, men will search for help after going through trial and error to fix their own problems. Men are resourceful and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Even if that means they’ll find themselves stuck in a tight spot.

Men are explorers

Curiosity is in men. Curiosity is also in cats. Think about all the funny videos of people breaking through trampolines from jumping off of a roof, or making random fires in places they shouldn’t be. Most of those videos are of men. Men with their friends. Men fiddling with things and exploring with what they have to see what they can make out of it.

Cats are similar where they’ll take hours and disappear doing who knows what. By the time you find your cat, you’ll catch them in your shoe, a box, or stuck in between walls. Cats leave home and come back. No questions asked, a cat will have its own adventures and wants to be trusted.

Men need to be men

Speaking of trust, men trust their partner. Cats trust that their owner will feed them and care for them when they need it and so do men. It’s not to say that a man is dependent on their partner. A cat isn’t. A cat will catch their meal when they need to.

Men enjoy going out to work and coming back home much like a cat who enjoys hunting down mice and bringing it back to their owners.

After a hards day of work I find that most men tend to keep their day to themselves but after a meal, some cuddling, he’ll then begin to purr.

This is the only way I can have him discuss deeper things like his feelings or his worries. This is the way I can get him to connect with me.

I love it because, like a cat, he chooses when to open up to me instead of always being open. It also means that another random woman cannot enter his deep psyche without intimacy and trust.

Some people believe men can be like a dog and in a sense they are. Yet when It comes down to it, Men are like cats. Not entirely, but they have many similarities. They don’t give themselves away to anyone. They only need one person to be completely true to and thats enough for a cat.

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