Merry Christmas From Us

Merry Christmas From Us
©Viktor Hanacek 2015

Tru.Workers have enjoyed many great reads this year. We have learned how to be better people, friends, and followers of Christ.

For those of you who feel alone at this time of the year remember to seek Jesus. Forgive the past and make your own memories be it visiting a distant friend or a family member, go and find your happiness this year.

It can be tough around the holidays for many people but I encourage you to step out and visit someone you haven’t seen in a very long time or host a Christmas dinner for others to attend. You may not know this now but you will see that not many people have family they can visit this time of the year or even family at all to visit.

Next year we have many goals but you may see fewer articles around this season as we prepare for a new website, new authors, posts, ideas, gifts and new location. We hope to have our newsletter up soon after collecting enough subscribers. That is right we will be relocated to Brooklyn, NY. It is our desire to reach more people and expand. Lancaster County is where we began our dreams and ideas but Tru.Works was meant for more!

Crazy enough it has now been tw years and Tru.Works has not only added a newsletter as a form of media that reaches out to peple but a podcast that also connects with listeners and shares stories and ideas to its specific audience.

We want to also express that while we are following our own dreams in New York City we hope that all of our Tru.Workers are also shooting for their goals. We hope that Tru.Works has motivated many people and helped out anyone in need.

We hope that Tru.Works has helped others not feel alone. We hope that we’ve touched someone’s life and that we have encouraged others to help one another. We hope that we continue to break the chains around the minds of others and challenged our readers ideas and hearts to love more and think big!

We also want to attract others who want to help in the same way. We want to attract contributors that want to help others in their everyday relationships with their partners, and their friends, families, and even their fellow coworkers.

Our biggest goals for the years to come is to expand our story library. We want people’s voices to be heard all over the internet. We want the uncomfortable stories, the ones that are hard to write and the stories that aren’t heard. We want the rough topics and the people who are never heard.

But we need help. So if you do want to help Tru.Works, here’s an open call to share our posts, and follow us on social media especially on Twitter and Instagram @trudotworks.

If you are interested in contributing stories, you can visit the share it page to begin telling your story.

If you would like to apply to become a monthly contributor, please email with your resume.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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