Missing Your Spouse

Missing Your Spouse
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Your husband or wife seems to be working all the time. You work also, but stay home to do the errands after. Every day passes and it gets old. It gets redundant that your spouse is busy and you’ve noticed that you’re alone at night. You may start believing that you should see your husband or wife more and that he or she should make more time for you.

Your spouse doesn’t need to make more time for you but you need to realize that it’s time for you to find something for yourself to do.

Another example, your wife is out on multiple business lunches and won’t put away that phone because she’s into her work. Your husband stays late at the shop to finish up projects he’s behind on. You can find that one or the other person is busy. You’re both working and you won’t be spending a lot of time with each other.

Today, people give the wrong advice and tell couples to make more time for each other. These people can be your closest friends or family. What you should know is that your spouse is doing the right thing. You don’t need that much time together.

It’s good to connect with your spouse but you both should be working toward your goals. You both need to work on your business or practice getting better at a talent that could provide for your family. It is good that the both of you are working toward your goals.

When your husband or wife wins in business and makes more money from their work then you both win. You are one, not two separate people, and so what you both win is for each other.

Even though you both are working separately, you both are working toward the same goal: success to provide for your family.

Change your mindset!

Think: He’s working so hard to provide for me. She’s kicking butt to help us in our finances. When your mindset changes then you’ll see yourself wanting to enjoy any moment that you have with your spouse. Whether it’s 30 minutes or a couple hours, be grateful you have someone that isn’t lazy and take that short amount of time you do have with each other and make it special and make it count!


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