How Does a McCaskey Alumni Become a Youth Motivational Speaker?

WHy Did You Become a Youth Motivational Speaker

Ethan Poetic Becomes a Motivational Speaker In Lancaster, PA

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When I first met Ethan, we had in common that we attended J.P. McCaskey High School. We did not graduate together, but he was still someone I recognized as I would see him from time to time when we used to roam Lancaster City during our young adult years. I knew right away that Ethan was a distinctive person. He was someone that felt empathy toward children who had troubled parents and youth who aspired to do more than just work a 9am to 5pm job and be told what to do for the rest of their lives.

Years had passed since those times, and I moved to New York City and began a new life where I left my hometown behind, all the while I made new friends and built up my career portfolio. While I was away from Lancaster, I still took the time to check back in on my friends and would keep myself updated on Ethan’s ventures and within his ventures he attends youth games and sports events in hopes to motivate, educate, and guide struggling youth find a voice. But how did he end up in motivational speaking?

There was a moment, while I was contemplating my life and purpose when Ethan called me to ask me for advice on this speaking company he was working on.

Hearing Ethan’s voice brought me flashbacks to my childhood instantly. I was hit with nostalgia when we began catching up over the phone. My ears perked up, and I was happy I could help him answer some of his questions.

A few months later, Ethan had created an LLC and named it Ethan Speaks. I was glad that he accomplished what he wanted to do. But I was hurt by the fact that I did not know Ethan well enough to even be aware of why he felt called to do all of this. So I interviewed him.

I Assumed Wrongly of Ethan

Now, Ethan agreed to let me practice interviewing him, and while I am super grateful for that experience. I didn’t personally like the footage I took of Ethan and so I scrapped it.

That is not to say I will not video interview him again. That is definitely in the works.

But from our conversation, I learned that Ethan was someone that grew up in a broken family. He had helped raise his siblings, which led him to give up sports back when he was in high school. He had also gone through a horrific accident that he was not supposed to survive.

What touched me the most from our conversation was that Ethan and his parents are not on speaking terms at this very moment. A lot happened to Ethan and his parents and step-parents when he was younger.

Ethan has stated that his parents had yet to take responsibility for the adult decisions they had made while he was growing up. It is that very reason why Ethan has chosen to create space between himself, his parents, and a lot of his family.

“I talk about a lot of things (including my family story) in my autobiography. That goes into much deeper detail.” said Ethan.

He did not get attention or guidance while he was younger. Not only that but he was left to handle himself and his siblings mostly without his parents throughout middle school and most of high school. This includes helping raise his newborn sister while Ethan was attending 6th grade.

I connected with this because it reminded me of why I left for New York City. I felt overwhelmed being around my siblings and family and those feelings led me to want to find myself and leave my parents and family behind.

But in Ethan’s case, he did not choose to leave Lancaster. He stayed in Lancaster and worked on establishing a better relationship with his parents and family while building his career. There were many times that Ethan had tried to better his relationship with his parents but each attempt failed.

Ethan Vaughn McCaskey Alumni
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Ethan Speaks Marketing Photos for Web and Social
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Ethan Speaks Marketing Photos for Web and Social
© Yessenia Matamoros 2022

The past pain provides Ethan with empathy toward children with troubled families

Today, Ethan has no bitterness towards his parents but I believe this is a key factor as to why he is now in the business of motivational speaking and coaching. He understands what it’s like to grow up in an unstable family and have a lot stacked against you. But today Ethan can say that he has his own business and is even working on his autobiography that will document all of his achievements and future goals.

Ethan is a real person. He is honest and has come a long way from when we were merely lost teenagers with wandering and wondering minds. I’m proud of who he is. And, with the help of so many friends and members of the local community, Ethan now has his own business and is an active member of the community.

Ethan seeks out the local youth and tutors them daily. I hope that Ethan’s story inspires more of our younger community to fulfill their purpose and not feel like they are alone with their struggles.

Ethan is more than welcome to speak with anyone from all walks of life. If you are in need of a mentor or even just a listening ear, Ethan is your guy. I never thought Ethan had such compassion for the local youth within the Lancaster community. I also had no idea how much it meant to him to share his experiences and how happy I am that  he makes an impact with the children he tutors and supports in sports. Tru.Works supports Ethan’s goals in becoming a successful motivational speaker and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work as he grows.

To follow and get in contact with Ethan, check out his website, And follow him online on LinkedIn, Facebook,on Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram as @Ethanpoetic23. For Ethan’s poetry check out his Facebook poetry profile here. His YouTube page is Ethan Poetic.

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