Why My Husband And I Moved To New York City

why i moved to new york city
why i moved to new york city

Apples are said to be good for you. You know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” So what about having a big apple a day? Not a bite, but the whole city? I wondered that for many years of my life. What is it about this apple that people crave to eat or take a bite? If you don’t know what this apple is, get with the program. It’s New York City.

I was born in this apple. I left young but I’m back. I’m back with my husband, and we may have bitten off more than we can chew. Or not. Alex, my husband, is a dancer. Oh, man is he good at it. What takes him 5 minutes to learn in choreography takes me a full day. I sort of hate him for that. It seems that he got all he could get from Lancaster, PA. Where there are many small apples due to the Amish and farmers that the county is known for. Now he wants something bigger, better and unique.

We left our humble apartment, family and friends to tackle a city that about 250,000 people move in each year. Well, now we’re 2 out of that many. We both got jobs in the city and now live in Brooklyn. We stay in a room until we can figure out our apartment situation. As of now, all of our things are in our parent’s house in Lancaster and the rest is packed up in our car and room. It’s crazy what we did in a matter of 2 weeks to get down here. For what?

What were we looking for?


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  1. Yessenia Diaz
    March 2, 2016

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