My Happy New Year 2018 Wishes

My Happy New Year 2018 Wishes
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It’s been a great year for me. I declared it at the end of 2016, and I will also declare that 2018 will be an even better year for my husband and me. I’m excited about everything I’ve tried at Tru.Works, and everything that is progressing. Not only that, I’m happy about my marriage, and my career so far.

I have a long way to go but that is why God gives us a hundred years of life to do whatever we can to enjoy ourselves and work toward our dreams.

I’m not going to lie that this year did not have its struggles and adversities but the truth is that it made me so much stronger. This year I had learned that time will align you and your spouse. After close to ten years we can almost read each other’s minds. We can already tell what we need from each other after certain circumstances.

We are still practicing and learning how to be with each other but I’ll admit not having kids right away helped us develop our husband and wife relationship into something so genuine and rare, that I wonder what it’ll evolve into after we have kids. Thankfully, we practiced the role of husband and wife a lot to prepare ourselves for when we need to play father and mother.

I also learned that your body continues to evolve the older you get. I have become more and more lactose intolerant and it makes me so sad to admit it but I have to watch my dairy consumption daily.

It’s super annoying.

I’ve also become more and more set in my ways. I’ve become older, I like to enjoy my home, my bed, my movies, my work, and so forth. I enjoy the peace and quiet and love having my nights at home studying Japanese.

That’s another thing. I’ve started practicing Japanese again. My goal is by the end of next year to become at least basically fluent in Japanese. I’m doing great so far, but I know I have a long way to go!

This year I accomplished one major goal and that is to make some sort of profit from Tru.Works every day. I do now! Not so much that I can quit my day job. hard work pays off, and it took me 2 years but I did it.

Not only that but I’ve published my own book as well.

This year I also got to go to California for the first time, I stayed in El Segundo and experienced the LA lifestyle for 3 weeks due to my day job.

That reminds me that shortly after I was able to visit my family in Puerto Rico which was so much fun!

I get to end the year by going to Las Vegas as well for New Years, I’m super excited for that. If I keep my head up and have faith, I know that next year or soon enough I’ll be able to stay in Japan for some time and visit Ecuador as well.

Another few accomplishments have been that I’ve been featured on other websites, and have several people contact me about Tru.Works now. Very soon the non-profit I’m believing in will come true.

Now, I know I’ve failed in many areas. I need to improve in many of these especially in my health. I’ve gotten a bit lazy in the gym, I’m not as constant as I was before but that was due to several schedule changes.

I haven’t visited my family as much as I did before, and I’m really bad at keeping in contact with family and friends. I haven’t adventured as much as I could in New York City either.

I failed at not being able to leave my full-time job, but I’m believing that time is so near.

I have not learned as much about makeup as I wanted to, I lied a lot. I wasn’t really sick that one day I said I was.

Although these may be small mistakes, they still bother me but that’s what next year is for. I’m believing in a new car (Jeep Rubicon), our own place in Brooklyn Heights, $100,000, being debt-free, and to be ready to have children.

This year, I believed in many things and a lot of them have come to pass, praise God. Some of them are having their details worked out by God but I have to believe that they will happen. Why not?

For those of you who feel like 2017 was one of the worst years of their lives, it will get better. Especially if you set your mind to what you want and believe in it every day.

Whatever you want, work on it. Little by little, it’ll happen you must keep working on it.

I’m not exactly where I envision myself to be but if I shoot for something higher than I can reach I’ll at least land closeby! It’s all about how you think about things.

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