Next Step for Tru.Works

Next Step for Tru.Works
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I’m a very personal person. I hate hiding things and keeping my thoughts in my mind.

Every day, I write things down in my notebook. I have to. If I don’t I can’t sleep at night. I won’t be able to work or focus on the new things I need to do for Tru.Works.

Currently, Tru.Works has  shared other blogger’s posts, articles and soon giveaways on our website. It’s exciting that this is where Tru.Works is headed which is great.

Tru.Works plans on building relationships around the world and it’s inspiring. I want to share with my followers what Tru.Works’ next steps will be.

Tru.Works projects to become a non-profit organization soon that would continue to share the experiences of other people and Yessenia Diaz’s to the entire world.

Another plan Tru.Works, is to begin creating free resources for anyone. We’d like to provide a service. Exactly what service, we’re not sure but we are excited to find our and learn what we are best at and how we can share that with multiple people.

Tru.Works is planning on writing a blog series soon about a couple and their struggles with friends, life, dating and marriage. It will be a fiction blog series but we hope that this will be the beginning of the script to our web mini-series.

We have so many years ahead of us and various plans for our future and we are thankful for the opportunities Daddy God has granted us.

Tru.Works wants to apologize to anyone who has signed up for our newsletter. We’re having technical difficulties and are trying to get this matter handled with by the end of April.

Another thing, we want to stretch into the print world by starting out with creating an E-zine or a digital magazine or free Ebook.

Although these new things are coming soon, we will keep updating our website with articles from around the world and, by yours personally, Yessenia Diaz.

We love our Tru.Workers and cannot wait for the new outreach to new countries and people. Today we reach out to Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey and the United States and we’re looking forward to reaching more people by the end of the year!

With much love,



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