Obsession Over Success

Are you waiting on a call or waiting on an email? Are you waiting on a friend for an opportunity? Are you about to drop everything for something that is unsure? I almost did. In August, I was interviewed by a media company in White Plains, NY. After the interview I was so excited to start my new life that I had already planed to relocate from Brooklyn to White Plains, have children sooner than planned and I was even hoping to eventually use this company to create another business through it.

Obsession Over Success
©Viktor Hanacek 2016

Because of one interview my outlook in life changed completely. I was starting to get ready and was asking Daddy God for the phone to ring the next day! I never again received contact from my dream company. I was living in a fantasy world and in the mean time didn’t apply for any other jobs, kept to myself and didn’t even work on improving my portfolio or website.

How could I have just pressed the pause button on my life for a company that I was not 100% certain I would get a call back from after my interview? I thought I was supposed to hive a biblical hope that Daddy God was going to provide me with my hearts desires. Was I wrong?

The problem I had was twofold. It wasn’t bad or wrong of me to have such hope for the opportunities I had but what was wrong was the bitterness I had toward God once I realized I didn’t get the job. I was obsessed with the company. I tracked their website, magazines, social media profiles and even went digging deep into learning more about the employees and the owner of the business.

Six months later, I contacted the man again who was the director in design and he asked to see more portfolio pieces. To this day I have not heard word back but this time it is different.

I decided that Daddy God is going to take me to wherever He needs me to go and it’ll be places that I want to go and I can only dream of. The places He needs me to go to are already set in my heart. They are the goals I daydream about and the reason I’m pushing everyday to write and learn everything I can about blogging and the internet.

Stressing Over Nothing

The thing is that whenever know where we are going. We can only can guess what direction to take and sometimes we may get a direction from Daddy God and other times, at least I know, I get so desperate I ignore Him completely and try to make moves on my own only to end up laying flat on the ground with the nerve to be mad at Daddy God for “steering me wrong”.

In all reality, Daddy God will never steer you or I wrong. Everyday I start my dad by asking the Father what step I can take today to get closer to my purpose. For some reason, something always happens in my day where I get clear direction on what I need to get done for that day. In the morning I ask Father God for an opportunity that can change my life around. I ended up meeting people who knew people that needed someone like me in their companies.

How I Moved On

After being so upset with Daddy God I sat down with my husband and explained how I got my hopes up and I planned ahead before I was certain an opportunity came through. He then let me know that just because you may have a shot at something it doesn’t mean you stop working. He gave the example that if he were to stop and wait to win an audition or stop and wait to get the part in a movie I just auditioned for he would miss out on opportunities that were surrounding him because he was focused on one opportunity that was uncertain..

The idea that I believe I already got the opportunity I went for isn’t necessarily a wrong mindset. The problem happens when you don’t continue searching and asking Daddy God for opportunity because you assume you’re all set.

It’s impossible to have too much opportunity.

When the Answer is No

That moment you get the bad news brings the worst feelings in you. I get so excited for opportunities and whenever I hear that I didn’t get the job, or I wasn’t able to met a certain person I get disappointed and start to lose faith that Daddy God has my back. I begin to question my purpose and start to get angry at myself. I doubt my work an start having negative conversations with the Father.

What I actually should do is praise DaddyGod whenever I hear bad news. I should always strive to thank Jesus even if things did not go the way I planned for them to go. Jesus knows what’s going on all the time.

When an opportunity has gone South you have no right to be sour or upset. Father God bought you at a price with the blood of His Son. When I realized that I understood that my time is not my own. My time is actually God’s time. Father God isn’t going to waste my time because in essence, He’ll be wasting His own time.


Faith is understanding that God has completed everything. Faith gives us hope for great days and wonderful opportunities. God has never left me without a bed to sleep on, clothes on my back, or food on my plate. I am constantly being taken care of and everyday I draw closer to Him and receive a better understanding of the direction He wants me to take.

I am so much happier now that I don’t take every opportunity that I believe failed as a crisis. My life doesn’t stop for the no’s in my life and I keep on grinding and pushing whether I just had an interview or even got the job I hope for. After all that I still ask my Father for direction and for a specific idea of the step I need to take to get closer to my destiny.

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