People Drain My Energy

People Drain my Energy
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In times when you’ve had people bump into you, purposely ignore you, talk negatively about you, it can make you feel discouraged or unmotivated to help people. The question becomes why help people when they don’t want help? Why help people when they are disturbed or ignorant of people who want to help them? Why help people who want to hurt people?

Last week I’ve had my share of run-ins with people. I’ve been questioned by my authority and experience, yelled at, ignored and probably made fun of. These actions have pressed down on my patience and love for people that I’ve had to take a moment to not say anything to anyone for a while.

How people can be, especially in New York City, I find that many have loose morals and can be quite mean. I’ve been found to be ‘too sensitive’ and so I’ve questioned my reactions toward what people say and but I’ve finally drawn a conclusion and no, I’m not overly sensitive about what yu all say about me but I am directly mystified by the idea that many think it’s okay to treat people however they see fit.

Another thing that has blown my mind is the idea that in New York City it has become okay to talk about politics in general conversations including in networking events and work. This is another thing that has struck me as odd especially since it’s common knowledge that bringing up politics, religion, age and even education. If you bring up politics you’ll involve religion quickly into the conversation. I have found that this has appalled me in New york City.

Either way, people have gotten me angry this month and it has led me to stop writing on Tru.Works out of not knowing what to write about. These next few posts will probably have distress in my words.

While I may feel stressed and annoyed by people lately, I am called by Christ to love people no matter what but I’ve never been one to do something just because I’m told to do it and Christ is the same way.

I know I need to get back into worship and find my love for people again but for right now, until I do so I want to help out those who don’t go to Christ daily to get relief from people and their inconsiderate actions and I highly recommend breathing.

I have found that when I’m annoyed by people that it’s better to not give out sarcastic comments, or throw shade toward people. It’s not straightforward and it’s also rude to do. I have found that not talking about issues also help because we don’t always have to talk about things.

While you may be pissed off about someone’s actions against you, that person is most definitely not thinking about you. They have no clue or care and to give them a piece of your mind is really pointless because they simply don’t care. If someone cared about your ideas or friendship they would directly confront you or forgive you if you have done something to them that has possibly offended them.

Personally, I have no care for most people but I respect them. I’ve not been in altercations or fight with people because I choose to talk about issues or ignore them completely to clear the air or prevent disagreements from escalating.

What if someone wants to escalate things with you?

That’s up to you what you want to do but I highly suggest ignoring them completely or laughing at what they do as to not take them seriously. I’ve found that after a couple days they feel stupid and don’t remember much about what has offended them.

As much as you may want to prove to someone that you’re right it’ll never happen. Most people will not change their minds about things. If in a discussion the tone is angry, especially from the their party, my best advice is to walk away and not even try talking and explaining yourself to people.

There’s no reason to keep a scoreboard about things like this especially when most people don’t matter. It’s also pointless to talk about everything. Discussing every argument and disagreement is tiresome and unnecessary. I say call it a day and let it go.

Let more things go.

I know we can get caught up in the, “I don’t deserve to be treated this way” but I mean- is it worth the fight? Is it worth the discussion to explain Do you need the approval from that person to move on?

I challenge you that in the next discussion that flares up around you to not get involved and keep it moving. If someone involves you, give no opinion at all. If someone throws something at you, just keep going. Don’t comment or say anything. Eventually people will either remember that and wish they could apologize and ask for forgiveness but can’t or they’ll feel stupid about it and act differently as time passes on.

The fights and disagreements aren’t worth your breath.

When people bring up Trump, I try to change the subject. When someone throws something at me I just ignore them as to not fan the flame. Most people are seeking for your reaction and want to get you mad. I won’t let anyone get me mad.

Let me say that again, I won’t let anyone get me mad. At least not in front of them. I save my anger for my spouse. Before  I was married my anger went into my journals and I wrote and wrote and wrote until I couldn’t write about it anymore. When I couldn’t write I would cry about it in the shower. I would then sleep peacefully and forgive these things and start my day fresh.

Why this may seem pathetic, I find this kind of dealing with social problems easier than always giving someone my two cents. It never works.

I say take a bath, or a hot steaming shower and relax because tomorrow will be a better day. Let some of this anger go and live a new life tomorrow.

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