Pray Big and Worry Small


pray big and worry small
pray big and worry small

Pray Big and Worry Small

When I began podcasting I had no idea where it would go, and I still kind of am not sure where it’s headed but I wanted to change things up a bit. I’m hoping to give you guys good and well-planned stories. I worried so much about what I should say and do for the podcast. I even thought about its success all the time. But like they say, it’s time to pray big and worry small.

I don’t want to do any more rambling episodes like I may have done in the past. I want my show to have a point and to challenge the minds of my listeners. But I want to do that through storytelling.

Pray about big decisions

This week I was finally confirmed to open a Shake Shack in Hong Kong, China, and Denver, Colorado. I’m super excited to do this and have been waiting to do international travel for almost all my life and it’s finally happened.

But, how did this happen? I didn’t kill myself trying to make connections or work hard to get this kind of blessing. To be honest, last year when I opened a Shake Shack in LAX Airport, I didn’t do much to land that opportunity that others would have done.

I’ll tell you what I know I did and that was that I asked God for that opportunity. But before I get into that I do want to share with you how this actually happened to me and what I learned in my experiment of declaring to God what I wanted.

Pray so big and so often

Alright, when I was younger I used to pray out loud to God. Now, as a woman of faith- God is who I talk to, and depend on every day. That may not be your same story, and you may just look to the universe for your answers but in my case- I seek God.

I grew up talking to God and praying to Him every night and thanking Him for being alive every morning. I use to do this out loud, and it was to the point that I couldn’t sleep unless I spoke to Father God.

Now I remember one day my mother had walked in on me while I was praying and she had told me that I didn’t have to pray out loud since God knew what I was thinking.

You know, as a young girl I thought that she was absolutely right. And I mean, of course, she is but whether my mom realized it or not, that lesson had led me to stop talking to God over time.

Pray big prayers anyway

Up until now, I kept everything bottled up. I rarely share with my husband my dreams and desires until recently. I keep it all in and try hard to achieve these things through my own efforts.

If you know anything about God, He doesn’t want you to stress and put in an effort to achieve your goals. And by effort I mean, a labor that is extra and unnecessary. Weird huh? He just wants you to live a peaceful and restful life.

Yeah, yeah, He tests our character with allowing certain things to happen to us to prepare us for bigger things to come but the goal is to be rested through our challenges and not be stressed. He wants us to trust Him completely and you know what I wasn’t doing that at all.

I was stuck. So stuck. 2 months ago I was completely lost. I have a Bachelors in design that I’m not even using. I have a cool job but wasn’t sure what my next step was and I felt like I was working so hard without anyone noticing me.

It sounds shallow but what’s the point of working hard if I won’t be recognized by God for it? I’ve been with the same company for years yet felt like I wasn’t making any breakthrough.

I ended up being stressed and unable to sleep. All because I didn’t pray big.

Pray big He listens

This is the opposite of what God wanted from me.

So I decided to tell Him that I wasn’t going to strive anymore. I wanted everything to come from Him. And I was just tired of doing everything on my own.

…I realized I have a bad habit where I don’t’ want God to waste His time with me. It’s not even that I don’t think I’m special, I just believe that I don’t want Him to waste time on me… Crazy huh? It’s time to pray big and worry small.

God wants to spend time with me. He wants to spend time with you too.

I syked myself out of an old mindset I had for about 20 years and decided to just go for it and tell God what I want. I wanted to give Him a big prayer, which is what He wants.

Pray big worry small

So out loud I told God that all I wanted was to be recognized by corporate. Selfish, yeah? But honest? Absolutely. It was the most real thing I ever told God.

And within 2 weeks, I had 2 offers from higher-ups in the company to help manage and open restaurants in the US!

I was doubly promoted, and later, I was asked to join the Hong Kong team to open the first restaurant there.

I asked for something simple, and I had none of the extra things that came along with my ask in mind. God provided that.

I give credit to God. You got to pray big and worry small.

Guys, I don’t know about you but maybe, God just wants us to challenge Him. Maybe He’s tired of you asking Him to provide rent when He wants you to ask Him for a house that you’ll pay for in cash. I don’t know, but you won’t ever know if you ask small things of God.

God takes care of the birds in the sky and He would, of course, take care of you too.

Pray big things

Ask God for whatever you want.

Be grateful for what you have.

Never ever stop asking and depending on Him.

He’s going to take you places that you have never dreamed of.

As you know, I have many stories on the blog at Tru.Works/blog. Like my story, I’m looking for people who’d like to share their stories too. If you’d like to share your story you can totally do that at it.

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3 months ago

I’ve recently started a site, the information you provide on this web site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work. “The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.” by Jean Paul.

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