Push Yourself to Run a Mile Everyday

Strive to Run a Mile Everyday
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I wrote an article 2 months ago on how to really lose weight. This article was my actual experience in how I was able to lose weight and eat the bare minimum I needed to eat to stay alive and look normal. Of course, I wasn’t fit. I lost a lot of fat and learned a valuable lesson in how to keep myself the same weight for a year.

Counting calories is a drag but I suggest to count calories of how you normally eat for a week and compare them to what your calorie count should be at. I weighed 145 and dropped 10 pounds in watching what I eat. Now I am controlled enough that I won’t go over 135 pounds anymore. I eat to stay alive and I’m not alive to eat.

But, even though I’m eating enough food to be satisfied I am not gaining any muscle or exercising at all. So I’m sharing with you the transformation I’ve had after I began running a mile every day (except Sunday to rest). It’s unbelievable what running can do for you.

My Running Adventure

I started running in the middle of February because I noticed I was losing my butt and firmness throughout my body. I’m just being honest. My other motivator was that my sister just had my niece and She looked great but I want to be able to return to my normal body weight and strength after I give birth and so I desire to prepare my body for pregnancy.

So with no further ado, I have always loved to run but I never stayed constant with running because I would force myself to run to burn a specific calorie count, speed or time. I would run for 20 minutes, but would want to burn 300 calories but wanted to hit 7mph speed and I challenged myself so much that it wasn’t fun anymore.

So instead, I decided that from now on I’m just going to run a mile every morning. However fast I run, or however many calories I burn, won’t matter to me as long as I run 1 mile.

The reason I chose 1 mile is because running a mile has left a grueling memory in me from when I would be forced to run a mile in high school in gym class. I absolutely hated it. Number one, I don’t like to run outside. Number two, don’t tell me what to do (lol). Number 3, I’m comparing myself to my classmates while they run past me and complete 8-minute miles while I achieved a 15-minute mile. I hated the mile run growing up and that hate, motivated me to conquer the mile run once and for all!

Enough of my rant,  I chose to run 1 mile every day for the rest of my life because I want to lose weight, get fit and be strong for pregnancy and for when I have to handle my children

Running the Mile Instant Results

One week later… I had instant results. It was unbelievable. At the end of the sixth day of running a mile, I began running my mile at 12 minutes and can now run it at 10 minutes. It’s not as fast as professional runners but I mean used to do 15-minute miles in high school so I’m proud of myself!

I could see my body dropping fat all over the place. My stomach became flatter and my legs grew thicker and tighter. I wasn’t complaining, I love my results. I live in New York City so stairs, escalators, and ramps are everywhere and I can feel myself tackling these obstacles with great ease now.

I’m obsessed with how well I look now and I believe that running just the mile is enough to challenge me physically but not crush me when I wake up in the morning. I want a challenge that I believe I can conquer and that I do overcome.

I Challenge You to Run a Mile

Everyone is different and every body is different but I believe that we were meant to be limber and ready for any challenge that comes our way. I assume that when the end of the world comes that people need to be able to climb mountains, dig ditches and run fast or you’ll die.

Keeping yourself fit not only helps you whenever you’re faced with a physical challenge but it makes you more confident and busy. I run for myself and anyone can do it!

To get started you’ll need a treadmill. I suggest a treadmill because you can easily track your calories, time and length you’ve been running. You can find a treadmill for cheap on Craigslist, buy a new one or get a gym membership! Planet Fitness is the best beginner gym in my opinion.

When You Run

  • When  you run, focus on just the mile, don’t think about the calories and the time. The first time you run a mile make sure you run it comfortably. Don’t start at 5mph if you know you’ll be too tired to finish the mile.
  • When you run the mile don’t stop moving, if you need to catch your breath bring the speed down but don’t stop the treadmill. You actually burn more calories when you do spurts of running but it’s also good to keep a good pace and run faster and faster.
  • When you get to .9 miles spring the rest of the mile. Either go past 6.8mph or go as fast as you can.
  • Once you reach your mile mark slow down the treadmill to as slow as you want to go and slowly calm your body down. Don’t stop as soon as you reach the mile, it’s a shock to your body to be sprinting and then come to a full-stop
  • Stretch when you’re done! This keeps you flexible and it’s best to stretch when your body is warm.
  • Work out other parts of your body if you get the chance. Try push-ups, lunges or squats.

You will see results within the week, I guarantee it. If it takes you 20 minutes to do the mile on Monday, Try your hardest to shave off two minutes by the end of the week. Your goal is to come to an 8-minute mile. That’s a good time for a fit person to run.

I wish you the best of luck, I am completely satisfied with my body and feel confident that I am heart healthy and even more attractive to my husband now more than ever.

Not only that, but I just feel great. I feel loose and nimble and I love that feeling.

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