Reigniting Your Relationship

I can hear the tone in your relationship. That tone where someone just died and it’s all over for them. Let me stop being so dramatic. In relationships, the fairytale beginning usually ends at about 3 months into getting to know each other. Once the 3 months are up that’s the time we begin to not ignore so much the little things that actually bother us about each other.

In relationships, it’s the physical of each other that actually drives the relationship in the beginning. The attraction toward each other is the reason you both met in the first place. The kisses, hugs and dates are what keep you both together.

As time passes, you learn more and more about each other and begin to notice the little quirks and ideas that you both have that aren’t so nice to deal with. Chewing with your mouth open, being a Hillary supporter, and different hobbies now get brought up in conversation and this is where we begin to challenge our partner’s ideas and beliefs and begin to love the other part of each other.

This stage usually begins after 3 months of being official with one another.

It’s after this stage where we work to keep each other interested and happy with one another. This is how love and relationships grow. The more we get to see the beauty inside each other the more of our connection and love for the soul of the other person grows.

This love is a long-lasting love.

While we work and focus on this kind of love the physical love can fade. This is where many people begin to forget that you still have to ignite the physical flame in each other to keep things interesting.

How can we do this reignition if we have baggage and unsaid words? It’s simple.

As the Women

The hard part about being a woman is putting things to the side. The issues, problems, errands and responsibilities get in the way of our sex lives. Plan a day where yu know your spouse is going to be home and make sure the kids are gone and seduce him.

My biggest insecurity in sex is when I feel like I can be a bother to my husband while he’s watching a game or on his phone. Listen to me. You’re never a bother.

Dress up and give him no option but to give in to you. Now I’ll tell you something. You can’t be boring. That’s one of the biggest reasons men stop bothering their women to have sex and it’s because there’s no excitement in the bed. You must pretend you want your husband at least and keep pretending until you actually do want him.

Now, this may seem harsh but it’s the reality of how things work.

Over time you get bored of each other because we tend to pull the same moves over and over again. There are so many articles online and videos that show you exactly what men and women want in bed. Sex has been happening since the beginning of time. There are so many ways to get it done.

Don’t throw all your moves into one session, keep him excited by trying new and small things each time you guys have sex. Remember, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of sex.

As the Men

When it comes to getting your woman excited to sleep with you again it’s all about making her feel wanted no matter how she looks like. The best way to get her excited about herself is to seduce her when she doesn’t look her best. This doesn’t mean that she never has to dress up but it’s about making her feel loved no matter what.

If we know and feel that we’re the only one you desire we will do everything to make you happy since we’re the only one who can.

Now, to start things back up again with your woman l always loved the idea of flirting with me when I’m doing my day-to-day errands. When I’m not so worried about my appearance. The reason for that is that in my mind I feel as if that if you believe (or pretend to believe) that I look hot in my gym tights and ponytail then my mind thinks, wait till you see me in my little black dress and heels.

This doesn’t mean that you should have sex with us when we don’t look our best all the time but it’s keeping us feeling wanted no matter what. This is the key for us to get wild in bed again and coming up to you to have sex. It’s fun to feel like we have total control over you.

Technically, you’re the one controlling us but you don’t have to let us know that. It’s all about reigniting the flame.

I find that for men it’s easier to push the daily stress to the side and enjoy the moment at hand. If I can give women one piece of advice is to go all in during sex and forget the mess. Get yours now while you are living in the moment. The dishes, the kids, the bills are all going to be there no matter what. Why would you let these things rob you of a romantic and great time?

Men, I dare you to smack you wife’s butt while she’s preparing dinner. Who cares what she thinks, if the kids see, or if she gets upset. It’s showing her that she’s way too hot and that you have no control over your hands when she’s around.

Women, men love to have sex. Your man is with you because he’s obsessed with your body and who yo are. You’re not a bother at all and he’s waiting for the moment you come on to him. Just do it.

Just do it!


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  1. Eghehan Francis (@mcfran6)
    March 10, 2017

    Lovely article. Thanks for the boost.


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