Saved Yet Still Sinning

Saved Yet Still Sinning
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We can lie our butts off under pressure and in fear of hurting someone’s feelings. In the end, a lie is a lie, is a lie, is a lie.

Even Christians lie. We all sin, and no one is perfect.

We lie so much that we even have created the white lie. White lies are the lies that don’t really hurt anyone. To Daddy God a lie is a lie no matter what but do not fret, we have Grace that covers our sins whenever we mess up thanks to Christ Jesus.

But in reality, a lie is a lie. To Daddy God, a lie is a lie no matter what the same way a sin is a sin, Do not fret, we have Grace that covers our sins whenever we mess up thanks to Christ Jesus.

To Daddy God a lie is a lie no matter what but do not fret, we have Grace that covers our sins whenever we mess up thanks to Christ Jesus.

You have to believe.

But, this grace doesn’t give you a license to sin. In actuality, you wouldn’t want to sin if you got to know Jesus. But a Christian that continues to sin, while being saved, doesn’t know Jesus and must.

If you know the Truth about Grace and continue to want to lie any way you actually do not understand the whole Truth.

The Truth is that Jesus saved you. He kept you from Hell and lived 33 years full of miracles, yet hated by many people. Jesus didn’t have to finish what God started. He could’ve changed his mind any time he wanted to and enter into Heaven but He chose to continue forward. He loves you.

It’s because of Jesus that you can do what you want to do and be happy. It’s because of Jesus that we are free to live life and be able to ask for forgiveness for our sins. It’s because of what Jesus did that we don’t want to sin. It’s because of His sacrifice that we can be happy without guilt.

We are free because of Jesus. How can we take advantage of that? We must live a life of Jesus that projects His glory unto others.

It’s so hard for me to lie but I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t. It does happen, but I don’t try to- I hope to eventually tell the truth about my lies but I can’t hold them for much longer. The guilt is too much to bear.

If you want more knowledge on the Truth, I advise you to discover that for yourself. A good pastor to learn from is Pastor Joseph Prince. He is quite wise and easy to understand aside his accent. But it’s better to look for answers through wise teachers and the Bible than to just listen to anybody. Be wise about where yu get your infrmatin from and challenge any content with questions.

Lying is a simple sin. Although God doesn’t weigh sins, a lie is a sin equal to murder. To God, a sin is a sin. I can only be so grateful to Jesus that He has covered all my sins.

Anyway, the reason we want to bring up lying is that some of us have been lying over little things that don’t matter. The reason behind the lies is small. You either lie to make yourself look good, keep things private and possibly even do it for entertainment.

The worst thing about lying is that when you do it enough it becomes a normal and an okay thing to do. Lying is not okay to do and the reason for that is because you portray something to be true even though it is not.

If you want to surprise someone for their birthday, that’s understandable. But as in the example below, once you lie you make people question your integrity.

This is a silly example but let’s say your girlfriend lied about where she was on Friday night. The thought may cross your mind, “What other things could he have lied to me about?

Crazy enough, my husband was an insane liar. He lied about a lot of things. Now, we’re married and sometimes I catch him in those little lies to this day. It’s part of my husband’s nature. In the end, it’s his problem but he knows he sacrifices trust with someone when he lies.

Thankfully, he’s not a full-fledged liar anymore.

Lying can confuse someone. Depending on how sensitive a person can be you can ruin relationships and you can believe something about another person that isn’t true.

Be careful with what you say. Mind your words, so that people can trust you and respect you.

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