Scared to Take the Next Step

Scared to Take the Next Step
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You make decisions every day without much thought such as the time you wake up, the shows you watch or the errands you do on a daily basis but we may not realize that these decisions lead us to bigger choices we make later on in our lives. After all the meals we eat and the movies we watch eventually, things happen that you may not realize you chose to happen.

Two years ago you chose not to pay your cell phone bill anymore and today you can’t get the new iPhone. Yesterday you chose to stay up an hour later and today you were late to class. You just never know what will come next.

Yesterday you chose to stay up an hour later and today you were late to class.

Today you have chosen not to take out the trash and tomorrow you find a lot of gnats in your home.

These small decisions you make do affect your life in a small way but big enough to affect the rest of your day but yet we never know what will truly come up from these decisions.

The scary part of not knowing the results of big choices like dropping everything you know to follow your dreams and move to a big city, breaking up with someone or instead choosing to marry someone is a big deal too.

What makes big decisions uncomfortable to make is the “not knowing” what’s next.

We don’t sweat the small choices because generally they don’t matter or affect us for the long term.

You have no idea what’s going to happen after you get married or when you quit your current job. These to us are big boy choices.

You’re not alone.

The solution to this anxiety is to trust Daddy God that He will take you to the next step prepared to make your move.

Whenever you have a fear or stress about a decision you can either wait until you’re certain of your decision or you can just go with your gut.

At some point, you will have to trust your gut and make a choice. These choices are big but life-changing and lessons learned.

Don’t ever believe that Daddy God will take you somewhere to hurt you or ruin your life. He will always lead you to be closer to reaching your dream and will never let you down.

It is your job to trust that but if you don’t have enough trust you can always look to Jesus because He always has more than enough trust to give.

It is scary to make decisions and the older you get the more you end up gambling. Your children depend on you, your life’s savings, and you’ve already developed a career.

No one truly knows the future of their decisions, they just make decisions and accept the choice they made. While we try to make educated guesses, at some point we fail.

The biggest reason people stay still without trying new things or making decisions is their fear of failure. Yet everyone fails at some point. Those who haven’t have been said to not have truly lived.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

You could lose all your money.

You could lose your reputation.

You could lose your home.

Or you can win it all and then some.

All these things are material things. The people who love you will support you through your failures and will always be there for you through your decisions.

Trying something new builds confidence, it builds character and it gains you new skills. The more times you try something new the better you’ll get, the more confident you’ll be when tougher choices come, and the stronger you’ll get.

It can be scary but you know what is scarier and far worse than taking risks?

Staying in the same place.

Being stagnant is a killer. Doing the same thing every day with no improvements.

The same job, the same income, being the same person. No improvements at all.

That’s not a life I want t  live.

Some people are happy living a life like this. I can’t, I can’t at all. There’s more to life than being comfortable. Life is about being uncomfortable, testing your limits, and building your character.

Life is about helping others get out of their shells, and helping others become the best version of themselves they can be.

So whether you need to get out of your shell or make an important decision, just do something. You don’t want to live a life wondering what could have happened if you at least tried.


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  1. Evelyn Santiago
    February 3, 2016

    Words of wisdom, we always need them. Good article keep up the good work! GOD IS GOOD 🙂


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