Season of Pain, Why God Has Us Struggle

When Life Gets Hard
©Viktor Hanacek 2016

Have you ever had that one day where you lost all hope in humanity. Like, lost all vision and purpose in life. You fell so far off the map that you lost touch of why you even wake up every day? Everything around you is falling apart and it seems to keep repeating. Please tell me I’m not the only one who felt this way? For me, I have realized that I’m in the same circle of events every so often and have had no breakthrough.

In reality, my husband is in the same situation as I am and we’re both moving through the same life but handling it in different ways. I consider the times in my life where opportunity seems to be tapped out as a season of pain.

You see to God, I was a hypocrite. I would ask my Father for opportunities and financial prosperity and have a great expectation of good. It’s great to have this expectation and to have faith Daddy God is going to bring us to a perfect place in life. I realize that the more I ask of God, the more my character gets challenged by Him.

I am grateful that I have enough but I don’t want to settle there. I want more than enough and I’ve been asking Daddy God to have an overflow of blessings so that I can bless others around me.

When Daddy God would give me work I would work my butt off but I would absolutely hate my job. To this day, I have not been able to get a job in the area that I studied in. I’ve stayed in restaurants jobs and lived in disappointment with God. My attitude was wrong and it took me 3 years to realize this. I was not grateful for the moments of my life while I was experiencing them. I thought it was enough to be grateful overall for things like having food on my plate and a bed to sleep in but while I was living my life I hated what I was doing every moment of my day.

I ask God for big things and ask Him to help me accomplish my dreams but I would never want to do the dirty work. How could I ask God for something so big but couldn’t even be happy with what I saw was no opportunity in my life. I had to learn to embrace the season of pain and accept that I had to enjoy being a part of the work God was doing in me.

While God was working I was complaining at the sidelines. I never believed what He gave me was enough and I would not be open to opportunity or people who needed my attention. I had a wall up and my eyes were on the prize but was blind to everything happening around me. I could not rejoice in what I had in the moment.

Embrace the process, and embrace the possibilities.

If nothing at all makes sense in this article I hope I am clear about one thing and that is that when you ask God for big things He takes it very seriously. He takes every word that you speak out of your mouth very seriously. You see God does things to show His glory. If you want to have influence and recognition that is awesome but expect that God will want others to see your story for His glory. God’s stories are never boring.

I want to change the hearts of the people of Japan to accept Christ as their savior and not only that I want to be successful in my business. I want people all over the world to think of Tru.Works when they’re looking for hope. I want to be famous for being a great wife and the go-to person when someone needs help in relationships or Christ.

I know that I want these things that I listed but God has another idea. He knows these things are important to me and so they’re important to Him as well but before any of these things can happen He wants to make a story out of me. He wants to give me a season of pain. He needs people to see me weak and recognize that I’m changing. He wants people in my life to notice that I’m getting better every day and that my change is coming from a supernatural power and not from myself.

God will move Heaven and Earth to bring about His destiny and He can do it wherever and whenever He wants but if everything happened suddenly and without tension the story wouldn’t be exciting. His miracles would be everyday events instead of marvelous wonders. He wants whatever comes out of me to only happen as a testimony of his Grace. Clearly God wants my life to be an example that only through Him I was able to do any of the things I’m doing.

None of what I want is for myself, it’s all for the glory of God. That’s a great thing and because of that, God wants all the credit for my success. I am fine with that because God bought me at a price and I understand that I owe to Him my body and my works.

God wants us to go through a season of pain so that whatever comes out of this time in my life would only be recognized as God’s doing.

I want to use my influence and expertise to help people with my words. Every day, I have to remember to ask God for creativity and for ideas on what to write. I cannot come up with all these articles on my own.

If I can leave you with one thing it would be to rejoice and enjoy the season of pain. Do not ignore the opportunity in this season and do not be upset because you’re in the same rut and the reason for that is that negativity attracts negativity.

If you find yourself going through the same problem over and over again it’s the biggest sign that you haven’t embraced your season of pain. Love in that season and pray in that season.

This season will pass and great things are coming to you. The longer the season the bigger the blessing. We are all facing our challenges but keep believing and you will rise higher and receive your victory for the glory of the Father.

All you dreams will come true.

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