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Not only do you have to come up with somethingto selll that may be of interest for your audience to want to purchase but you also have to sell your new product. Selling can be uncomfortable, and new territory to upcoming business owners but it’s a must-do action for anyone to be successful in what they want to do.

I made the mistake of trying to sell a product to an audience that didn’t exist when I first began my business. Granted, I had no money and any money I put into my business was very little. I didn’t have a large audience when I started Tru.Works. The product I had, made nothing in income. Not a single person knew about it. I was way in over my head. I had absolutely no audience to sell to and I had hired two ladies to help me that I couldn’t pay.

That was 2 years ago. Now, when you don’t have a service to sell and all you have is an idea, I took the time to work at another job and keep a regular income while developing Tru.Works. When I began Tru.Works, it was a place where I could shared my own personal story. It never became something more than that until time passed and it evolved.

Later I chose that I wanted to create an income with Tru.Works and make it a legitamite business. That’s when I chose to accept ads on my website. Writing articles was just the beginning of Tru.Wrks. I later then began podcasting, and creating video and even created design work. Every day I was and I am still creating some type of content. Yet, there was one major problem I had and that was that I had all this wonderful content, yet I had no one to listen to me, watch me, or see my work. Everything was by chance.

After a year, I knew that I had to change something. I reached 1000 followers on Twitter and the only income I made was fifty bucks from Google Adsense. Baloney. So, it wasn’t until a friend chose to help me free of charge where gwoth came. He reviewed what I did and wanted me to get more involved with my social media. He wanted me to begin with Twitter. I love Twitter and Twitter has led me to meet some very genuine people. Since his help I’ve built my audience by 3000 followers, and that was about 3 months ago. I’ll admit I was lazy at it but the little that I did helped me so much.

It wasn’t until I focused on building my audience that I began to see a new flow of interest into Tru.Works. I began to have actual supporters. Once I had this it was then I knew I could create a product and make a buzz about it. Whether I sold 1 or 100 copies of the book I finally chose to create it. I would be happy knowing I made some type of income from Tru.Works.

For anyone who wants to do what I do, and begin their own business, I highly suggest building an audience first and your brand at the same time. That means no income right away. Now, if you know exactly what you want to sell or the service you want to offer, that’s great. You’re one step ahead of me but it still means you have to advertise, sell, and create either a website or product. More importantly than any of that, you need eyes on your brand.

As an introverted person, I can talk about what I do with one-on-one conversations easily but to sell door-to-door, it’s a challenge. Social media is my go-to platform to sell products and spread the word on upcoming ideas and content I am working on without feeling pressure or anxiety to sell face-to-face.

Lastly, people want happy products and fun people. Albums that are depressing don’t sell as well as upbeat albums. Movies with sad, and upbrupt endidngs get horrible reviews compared to films that have feelgood endings. It’s just the way humans are wired.

When you begin your brand, you must remember at times that 1000 people are viewing your content at once. Don’t mix personal and business on social media is the tip I’m trying to get at. I also highly suggest being aware of the content you ‘like’ and respond to on social media. People are watching and investigating you all the time.

Besides that, another tip. If no one wants to sponsor you, publish you, give you a series, or whatever. Do it yourself. Self-publish, self-post, self-create. Do it all until someone wants to. Don’t wait around for anyone.

Listen, anything you have on your heart to create is placed onto your heart for a reason. There’s an audience who needs what you can create. Whether you believe in yourself or not, accept the face that the universe, and God, wants you and needs you to share that energy, service, or art to the world

Maybe, you’ll sell one book. Then your second book will sell 5 copies, and later 10 copies. Then even later people will go back to get the earlier copies and collect them all. You never know. Eventually your audience will grow. Just don’t stop.

Now, there’s a great and easy way to build your social media audience. But that information, isn’t free. I’m sorry to tell you that. But, get in contact with me and we can set up a time to revamp your social media.

Keep it up, keep doing you and never ever stop learning. Find out what works, and learn from other people so that you don’t make the same mistakes they did.

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.

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