Signs Your Job Sucks

Signs Your Job Sucks
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This is an article for young folks who are getting into the job field or have jobs now that are getting them buy before they head into their careers.

Jobs can teach us valuable lessons. You learn how a business runs and how to communicate with people whether they’re guests, customers, coworkers or higher authority you learn how to talk and work with other people which help out with later goals and endeavours you may want to achieve. But, in the heat and in the middle of work there are days when things get hard and you may want to move on. This happens when your job sucks.

There are many reasons why you may be over your job and a few are:

  • low wages
  • poor management
  • poor teamwork or unfriendly coworkers
  • met potential

Some people decide to stick to their job forever which is great if you have low ambition and no real reason to want to move and get better at different things. Others know that where we’re at right now isn’t going to be your forever spot. My first job was McDonald’s and it was the most fun job in the world and it helped me get through college and high school.

Once I was done with college I had no reason to stay there because my next step was to practice working in my field. Before I had left my job at the right time I had decided several times to quit and find another job because I was angry or overwhelmed by my schedule and responsibilities that were given to me.

When your job sucks you have 3 options and they are:

  • Get a new job
  • Keep your job
  • Talk to management

If this is your first job and you feel as if you outgrown your job it’s probably time to move on and find something new to learn. If the scheduling works with what you’re doing now such as school or a second job then it’s probably time for a vacation from your job and return refreshed.

One suggestion I like to give people before they quit their job is to make sure they another job lined up before they leave. It’s hard to have a season of life with no income. Once you get the other job make sure to give a 2 weeks notice to your current employer as a courtesy to give them time to replace you.

If you know you’re going to keep this job but you are having problems with wages, the work, management, coworkers, or you feel you met your potential and need to advance in the company it is probably time to  talk to management.

When speaking to management you want to be respectful and clear of your reason for speaking with them. A manager’s job is to help solve problems withing their authority. If you feel like nothing is resolved it may make your decision to move on an easier choice to make.

If you are over working for someone else then it is that time to consider being out of work and starting your own business. I will never suggest that you stop working. People who don’t work strain our economy and push the United States down in economic power.

Starting your own business is easier than it sounds. You don’t need a lot of money or resources. It’s probably easier to work a second job while running an online business than working two jobs with two different bosses.

Before you quit your job, consider if you’re able to and if the problem with your job is all too serious. Remember that all you can do is either suck it up, quit, quit and get another job or start your own business before you let go of where you’re at now.

No job is perfect. Every business or corporation you work for has flaws and things that need to be worked on. One last thing you must know is that if the business was there before you, it’ll be there when you leave. Don’t ever think that without you a business will fail. There is always someone out there better than you that your company can hire, no matter what position you’re in.




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