Skipping a Day at the Gym

Skipping a Day at the Gym
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I skipped a day at the gym and I felt guilty. Why did I feel guilty? I have come to the conclusion that I take the gym seriously now. For anyone who has begun working out, when they gym becomes a daily routine for you, missing a day is a day that you miss improving.

When I began working out I was able to bench 30 lbs. and was not able to do push-ups or lift me up to do a pull-up. Today, 9 months later, I can now do push-ups, pull-up, and can bench a max of 65lbs.

Going to the gym every day and working out correctly has led me to see results that have motivated me to work out 5 days a week, regularly. During this season of diligence at the gym I found it hard to skip the gym. I would never skip the gym. I would miss out on an opportunity to instead go to the gym which is absurd to do when yu look at the big picture.

Today I attend the gym regularly and vigorously but I have a different mindset. If I skip a day, It’s not going to kill me. I’m fit enough that one day at random times will not affect my overall health or progress.

It’s good to have a regular schedule at the gym but if you’re not ging to be a body builder or teacher skipping a day won’t hurt you.

Don’t let skipping the gym become a habit

I will give fair warning that if you skip a day at the gym, don’t let it become two days or three days that you skip. It takes 2 weeks to get out of shape. Once you pass the two weeks it’ll be a lot harder to come back than the one day you skipped because you wanted to go to a networking event that conflicted with your gym routine.

I’ll never suggest that you skip the gym whenever you don’t feel like going. your feelings should not lead your decisions at the gym. If that were the case I would not run a mile every day like I do.

Don’t feel guilty

If you feel guilty for not going to the gym that can come from not feeling like you’ve improved enough. You have your whole life for improvement. If the gym is not going to be your career choice it’s not so bad to skip a day at the gym. But remember, a day is reasonable and okay but once you begin the habit of regularly skipping the gym and then end going this is how you truly lose your progress.

I hope you don’t feel so guilty when skipping the gym. I’m pretty sure that everyone does at some point but to have true progress you want to keep your routine and in time you’ll see your progress. It took me 9 months, and maybe it’ll take you much less!

If you’re sick, don’t go!

There are other times when you may need t skip the gym and that’s when you’re sick! You don’t want to spread germs at the gym but you don’t want to overexert your body so you must take a day or more to rest and relax so that you can work out again.

If you’re tired, catch up on sleep!

If you have extreme fatigue or haven’t been sleeping it is not so wise to work out intensely and it’s actually healthier to catch up on sleep than to push through a routine that can end up with sloppy form. I’m a big proponent of working out with some challenge because too much challenge at the gym can make you unmotivated to go to the gym.

What about when you’re really sore?

You can definitely skip they gym if you’re really sore because you are actually at high risk for pulling a muscle. While the goal is to have sore muscles to have improvement, you don’t want to hurt them to a point where you’ll be out of the gym several days for healing. I’ve done this plenty of times and if you’re anything like me you would have rather taken the day of rest than the 3 to 6 days of healing time for a pulled muscle!

Lastly, let’s say that today’s a day where you’ve planned to walk or hike or do a different activity, it’s good to take a day off from the gym. It’s also real good to try new movements and activities for your body to have something new to do. You don’t want your body used to the same routine at the gym.

Odd things will always happen to you that’ll prevent you from going to the gym or will lead you to choose to skip the gym. It happens! Don’t beat yourself up! You know your body better than anyone else and it’s safe to say that you know your boundaries.

Yessenia is a compelling and innovative program and operations manager who uses her 5+ years of experience in operations management and graphic design to determine small business needs in the areas of inventory costs, labor expenses, P&L, COGs, marketing, and graphic design to create and manage profitable plans for small businesses and individual projects. She is the Owner and Founder of Tru.Works.

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