Sleep Truly is Overrated

Sleep is Truly Overrated
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Naps were my thing. I would revolve my life around my naps. I was obsessed with getting sleep and painting a 9 to 10-hour sleep schedule every day. I slept so much I missed out on opportunities to work more hours and make more money and found that I was starting to calculate how much sleep I lost when I would stay late with family or friends.

At one point my schedule was so tight that nothing could stop me from hitting the bed at 10pm and waking up at 6am to nap some time during the middle of the day. I wouldn’t go out for too long because I had to take my nap and have enough time to shower and be in bed by 9:55pm to fall asleep by a0pm.

I was crazy, and the wild thing is that I had no idea in that moment that I was obsessed with sleep.

I only got out of my obsession because more events came along to fill my schedule and I decided to pick up more responsibility at work. I realized that when my schedule was full I wasn’t thinking about sleep.

I was are productive and made more money the less sleep I had and today I don’t miss any of the hours I had lost back then.

Sleep is overrated.

There comes a point where you need to sleep. You will hit a wall and your body will shut itself down in time.

When you hit that wall and get that kind f sleep it’s the best sleep you can get. It’s uninterrupted and necessary.

When you begin to make your own money, and run your business it’s hard to get sleep. I’m to excited for tomorrow to get sleep. I rather stay up and fall asleep out of exhaustion than to lay in bed forcing myself to sleep to get more hours.

I was worried about the bags under my eyes, don’t get me wrong but now my mind is thinking that if I do get bags, I’ll just make enough money one day to get rid of them with the help of natural products and other beauty regimens.

I’m kidding but today anything is possible.

In New York sleep is completely overrated. To miss out on plans because you want to get enough sleep for work is laughed upon. In New York City, 30 is the new 20. No one needs sleep. We’re all working, networking and socializing all the time that sleep is unnecessary. You will find New Yorkers sleeping on the subway to catch up on Z’s before they would miss out on any opportunity to meet or learn about someone new.

Right now I’m writing an article past midnight so that tomorrow I can take advantage of my free day and possibly meet Justin Bieber!

I found that I worked an 8 to 4 and then a 5:45 to 1am, Monday through Friday. I used to cook and clean and had an average of 4 to 6 hours a sleep every night while living in Brooklyn. I was never happier, more productive and motivated in that season of my life than the moments where I got the least amount of sleep.

I find that the more productive we are the happier we are. The more vibrant our lives become because we have a meaning and purpose to every hour of our day.

I wake up to exercise my body, create series and advertise my business and work. I am doing something I enjoy to do every day and I’m obsessed with a new level of entrepreneurship because of the meaning behind everything I do no. I’m up late writing, cooking and doing what I go to do every day but I’m not complaining about missing sleep.

Do you sleep enough? Does your sleep get in the way of you making more income for yourself?

It could be so.

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