Someone I Know is Always Angry

©Ryan McGuire 2015

Living with someone angry or always being around an angry person is such a drag. It can get you angry as well. But before you get angry just think one thing, they’re not happy.

Time is passing by and they don’t get it. It’s pointless. But the one thing you don’t understand is that their anger is their problem. Don’t worry about it. Let them live their life and you live yours.

If it’s your spouse, talk to them. They actually matter to you so give them the time of day. Sit them down and ask them why are they so angry. If they don’t want to talk, talk another time. Don’t pry them. Give it another try later but make sure you’re calm. Listen to your partner without coming up with a comeback in your head or a dagger to their throat. Listen.

Work it out and hopefully, they’ll let go of their anger. If they never do, go and live your merry life. Eventually, they’ll blow. They have to.

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