Steffanina’s Dance Con a YouTube Success

Steffanina's Dance Con a Huge YouTube Success
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Matt Steffanina, the well-known choreographer, and YouTube sensation is the man you want dancing behind you as he has for artists such as Chris Brown.

All this success came with much practice and hard work from early on of Matt Steffanina’s dancing career. Matt Steffanina has competed in dance competitions globally, background danced for concerts and has hosted dance classes worldwide. Steffanina has practiced hip-hop since he was 18 years old and in 2010, Steffanina moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of more serious opportunity and to establish himself as the leader in hip hop.

Steffanina’s years of passion for dance and choreography has led him to use his well-earned YouTube popularity to his advantage to launch Dance Con. Dance Con is Steffanina’s new project that launched in February of 2016, and each episode takes about a month to prepare for, create, and then a month more to edit and launch.

In Dance Con, the concept is simple. Steffanina’s goal is to travel to different cities around the United States in search of the best hip hop dancers to create YouTube videos with to his choreography that he hopes will become viral. Each episode involves spinning a wheel to see which city Steffanina and his lovely partner, Dana Alexa, will travel to. Dancers will travel to get a chance to be a part of one of Steffanina’s YouTube videos to possibly become viral stars themselves.

Dance Con will help Steffanina gain more of a following in the dance community but also gives the opportunity to aspiring dancers to put these videos on their resume and to share that they were chosen by Steffanina himself to feature in his Dance Con web series.

After multiple auditions that last hours, Steffanina gets to meet every dancer before they’re chosen to be highlighted in his final concept videos. He not only looks for individuals that can dance but that have an edge to them to play certain roles in his concept videos. If you’ve followed Steffanina and his dance adventures online, Dance Con is the reason you want to finally subscribe to Steffanina’s YouTube channel.

Following auditions are rehearsals in the morning. This is why Steffanina states that auditions are important because not only must his dancers be great at dancing but they must be able to pick up choreography quickly. In Dance Con Episode 2, Steffanina explains that hosting auditions are the hardest part of Dance Con because auditions take up a whole day, and you end up wanting to cast everyone but you must choose only 50 dancers from the hundreds that come out from around the world to be a part of the final production.

Pretty quickly you’ll find that Dance Con is an inside look into the world of dance. You’ll learn about the audition process, rehearsals, and what work it entails to create music videos for artists and YouTube.

Once Steffanina chooses his dancers, he shares a post on Instagram listing who made it past auditions. The dancers who are listed are then required to show up for rehearsals early the next day.

Steffanina, explains his concepts for his final video to his newly chosen dancers and also shares his goal for rehearsals. By the afternoon all parts have been learned and shooting begins. No dancer can leave until each scene is completed.

Throughout each episode, during rehearsals and shooting, Steffanina shares small spoken biographies of different dancers who are featured in his video. They share the reason behind their travels to Steffanina’s auditions and their passion for dance.

What is most interesting about the Dance Con series is that Steffanina shares his experience with his YouTube followers as a casting director for his concept videos but also gives the audience the inside on how he manages to get his videos done. Many dancers are surprised by how much work Steffanina actually puts into his ideas.

Steffanina is not one to keep his success to himself. He loves to give credit where credit is due and with each episode, we learn more about his partner and fiance Dana Alexa and his videographer Typo. In every episode dancers are given the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to become a legend in hip-hop.

Dance Con gives an insight into music video production and why Matt Steffanina has become a large success in hip-hop. His hard work and travel have finally paid off and if you’re interested in learning more about choreography, hip-hop, YouTube and social media marketing watching Dance Con online will answer any questions you may have.

You can follow Matt Steffanina’s adventure on his YouTube channel or Twitter page.

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