What to do About Your Stress and Chest Pain

What to do About Your Stress and Chest Pain
What to do About Your Stress and Chest Pain

What to do About Your Stress and Chest Pain

I lived a constant life of stress. What I mean by that is my chest was in constant pain and tight even on my days of rest. I suffer from stress and chest pain. What is this feeling? I have no idea, and even if I think that it could possibly be the beginning of a heart attack it freaks me out even more. All I know is that it’s not healthy and that I can’t be the only one who’s going through this.

It is said that anxiety and stress are the biggest robbers of life. Stress and anxiety deteriorate our skin, destroys our health, and shortens our lifespan. Living in New York City is a stress in itself. Nothing can be simply done. To do anything it requires travel time. It means that your travels have to be planned all the time. Train and bus schedules are constantly changing, people are everywhere and when you just need to get home- it can be a nuisance to live in New York City. I could complain about this city forever but I wouldn’t move because I love this city just as much as it annoys me.

Stress can give you chest pain

Can stress cause chest pain?

These annoyances are just a small thing that some of us are used to living with. We are so accustomed to living a life with a constant heavy load upon our shoulders. It’s time to let it go. I personally had tried everything to relieve myself of stress but the only way to relax is to get rid of that which is stressing you out. Debt, work, family, our spouses can all bring us some sort of anxiety.

Simply going away on vacation could be stressful but it’s what you need. This summer I had left to Los Angeles for a work trip that lasted 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, I only had to worry about myself for the most part. No spouse schedule, no regular boss, absolutely no New York City but just work and palm trees. This environment change had cleared my face from stress acne and calmed my chest.

A vacation can make the stress pain go away

I had returned to the city with a slight tan and had felt somewhat relax but it wasn’t until one week later where I left to Puerto Rico for my 10-day vacation that I was able to completely let go of all stresses. This 2-month getaway relaxed me and helped me lose weight, the weight that sticks to you due to stress and gave me peace.

Now I know that going away for several weeks could be hard to do financially but I suggest splitting a trip into 2 trips back to back. Make 1 trip a vacation to somewhere outside of your country, and the other trip which I believe Is most important a trip to your hometown.

A trip to your hometown is much needed because it brings you back to your roots.

If you still live at your hometown, taking a week off from work to enjoy family is where I’m getting at. There is something about spending time with your nieces and father that relieves all worries from the world. It’s like being a child again and being able to simply enjoy your family.

You don’t have to go too far to keep the stress away

Take a Staycation
Take a Staycation

When I go back home I like to walk around town with my oldest niece and have conversations with my mother and my in-laws. It’s fun bringing up memories and making in of each other. It’s also, even more, fun to search out childhood friends and visit old hangout spots in town.

While on vacation I suggest sleeping in every day. Sleep heals the skin and strengthens your immune system. Funny enough I know that if I have a week of consecutive nights where I stay up late, by the end of the week I’m sick. Sleep in, and do the things you wish to do but never have enough time to do so. Beat a game you have been neglecting, watch the movies you missed, and visit everyone you’ve been dying to catch up with during your getaway vacation!

A ‘staycation‘ can stop the stress chest vibrations

Near the end of your trip you may feel sad or even anxious about having to go back to reality but you may have realized that there are some habits you formed that you got to change when you head back into your normal schedule the first thing I realized that as long as I work and do little things every day toward my goals, everything I want will truly happen yet nothing in life is more valuable than my health so I don’t sacrifice sleep anymore and don’t overdrink or overeat anymore I eat enough, sleep enough, hydrate enough, and just be enough for myself every day

I was stressed prior to my getaways because I hated my life routine I hated waking up early, I hated being unhealthy, I hated hiding my stress to my husband. My vacations have released me from stress and have helped me realize that I’m more important than anything else I work on in my life  I must take care of myself first to be happy. If that means saying no to food, or watching a movie instead of doing an errand that will get done anyway then so be it

Say no to stress pain

I simply won’t stress anymore. I come this far and I’m still here yet I’m unhappy why not be happy instead? The vacations just gave me enough time away from stress to help me reset my life. The work projects, the errands, debt, and any other worries aren’t big enough to let them deteriorate my health. So I simply don’t let them.

That is my tip to you. Do not let the daily routine become such a big thing that you’ll sacrifice your health and happiness over it. Leave that environment and relieve your stress and chest pain. Take some time to flourish in a new environment instead.

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  1. Miss Champagne B
    August 20, 2019

    sometimes you have to take a moment and separate from others who may be causing the stress in your chest. I do not hesitate to turn off my phone and back away from social media. Your mental health is the most important thing you can guard.

    1. Yessenia Diaz
      August 24, 2019

      I totally agree with you! Sometimes you got to unplug and keep to yourself.


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