Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur That Makes Clothing That Style In Two Ways or More

She is a Sustainable Fashion EntrepreneurThe Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur That Creates Clothing That Can Be Styled In At Least Two Ways

Oyindamola Akinfenwa is a fashion entrepreneur that I found on Twitter. I learned that Oyindamola creates pieces of clothing that can be styled in multiple ways. I was drawn to her website and how she categorizes her dresses by the number of styles that they can be converted to. If you would like a piece of clothing that can style in at least 2 ways or even 6 ways, Oyindamola will have a piece for you. Focusing on outfits that style in different ways is what makes Oyindamola stand out amongst other designers. I had to get her story and I learned very quickly that Oyindamola is a fashion entrepreneur and a fashion innovator.

Below are a series of questions I asked Oyindamola because I wanted to understand how she got into fashion and what gave her the idea of creating clothing in the styles that she does. What did it take to start and what did she need the most help on to grow her brand? Here’s our interview.

Why did you get into fashion and become a fashion entrepreneur?

I got into fashion because I loved clothes and I wanted to create designs the way I see them in my head. Also, I wanted to wear clothes I made, especially because I’m very picky. It’s not very easy to find clothes that I really love. Lastly, I also felt I didn’t own enough clothes. 

How did you come up with the idea of creating dresses and outfits with multiple ways to style them?

I made an outfit where I wasn’t sure about the original style I made it in and I wanted to try other options. Then I realized I didn’t have to make another dress and that I can look at the one I already made differently. This totally changed my whole perspective about designs because once I realized I could do so much more with one outfit, I became intrigued to keep trying more and I just kept going. 

What was the hardest part about creating your online business?

The hardest part of creating my online business was worrying about it being the right choice for me. As well as really being sure that I was really ready to go forward with owning a brand, especially a brand online. 

How did you gain the confidence to start your online business?

Before I started the brand online I was just interested in showcasing my designs. But I started getting attention from people and when they find out that the designs were not for sale, they were disappointed. This led me to decide to start a brand to be able to see other people in my designs. Their confidence in me gave me the confidence to go forward with my brand. 

What is your biggest challenge right now with your online business?

The biggest challenge right now is trying to get more customers to buy from the brand instead of just viewing the website and the designs. I’m hoping I’m able to achieve this soon. 

Do you have any word of advice for anyone who might be scared to start an online business for themselves?

To start an online business is not easy. I’d advise anyone trying to get into an online business to build an online presence because it is important. What I mean by that is that you need to take every chance to promote your brand.

Aesthetics are very important. People are attracted to what they see and what looks good. Lastly, getting reviews written are also very important because it gives people the confidence to buy from you.

Anytime you make any sale at all you must make sure to post your honest reviews from your customers where it is easily accessible to anyone else trying to shop for your online brand. 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself outside of owning the Janore brand? What else do you enjoy doing?

Outside of the brand, I am studying law. I’m actually done with law school at the moment. 

I enjoy watching TV shows and eating food! I love good food. My private time is valuable to me. I try as much as possible to spend time alone for myself. 

Thank you. 

Oyindamola is a young fashion entrepreneur and is just starting out but I know that if she keeps the great designs that she will be successful. Take some time to check out when you have a chance and check out Oyindamola’s website.

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