Tattling is Good

Tattling is Good
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Growing up you may have learned that you shouldn’t tattletale. We shouldn’t rat out the people we are friends with. We should mind our business and ignore anyone who’s doing anything wrong. If you mind your business someone else will eventually find out.

Actually, you should tattle on people. It’s the right thing to do. I’ll explain myself with a couple examples and then you can decide if you agree or not. If you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

Tattling is Good for the Community

Nowadays you cannot be ao sure of people. It doesn’t mean you should be afraid, but we should all be alert. We live in a day where movie theaters, marathons, and cities can be blown up or shot up. In all the situations that America has gone through with “terrorism”, no one saw anything off with any of the people that had done these horrific things.

If you saw someone that was odd or crazy would you call the police on them or just ignore them? Let’s be real. There are over 7 billion people in the world and at least 1 billion of them have to be crazy.

If you see anyone who is off or crazy you should call the police right away and let that situation be handled properly. Don’t ever ignore anyone who just stole chips from a corner store. Most likely, that’s not the only thing they have done. When someone has a problem they usually have more than one.

Tattling is Good for the Workplace

If you know the assistant is sleeping with a manager you need to tell the owner right away. These people could both be married and are hurting people while they are doing what they’re doing.

If someone is stealing from the company tell your boss right away. You could lose your job eventually by letting someone steal. The boss can replace anyone but if there’s no company to work at anymore you lose your income.

You have to say something. That creates a better and safer work environment.

Keeping something a secret only makes you an accomplice to the problem, someone who doesn’t say anything is probably has something up their sleeve too.

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