The 365 Opportunities You are Missing Out On

365 Opportunities
365 Opportunities
©Leo Rivas-Micoud 2017

There are 365 opportunities in the year to do something different, to do something that you been wanting to do for years, to do that one thing that is your destiny.

Out of the 365 opportunities that you have will you only use 30 of those days or how about just 300? Why not take advantage and use 365 days worth of opportunities?

You can’t just let these days pass you by. This isn’t a practice life, this is the only life you get to live. Why would you let 365 opportunities go like that?

Last year you may have let go of 300 opportunities but do you really want to repeat this same thing this year?

Last year you may have done a couple things that you’re proud of but this year you can 10 X all the Opportunities and decisions you made.

Instead of talking about a business you want to start let’s start it this year. Instead of talking about the class you want to take let’s take that class this year. Instead of talking about the money you want to save for that trip you want to take in a couple months how about we save that money and take that trip this year?

I know it’s easy to talk about actually doing things like this and taking the time to work on our opportunities but sometimes we don’t even know where to start.

I can tell you one thing I had never ever been able to conquer or accomplish any of my goals without writing them down.

As much as I talked about them, and had all of my ideas in my head I could never ever focus on just one because they were all scrambled in my brain. I had to sit down and write down at least my biggest goal.

After I wrote down that big goal I broke it down and asked myself why do I need to get done this year to accomplish this goal?

It was this question that really got me going, I was excited and felt like I could actually accomplish what I really wanted to do, my destiny.

It was a need to become a business owner at the start a nonprofit organization. I just didn’t know how to start. It was all in my head but when I wrote it down it became official.

I knew that I needed to create my mission and to share my mission and movement around the globe and to do that I had to create a website. I knew I had to organize my social media accounts and I knew I had a start podcasting.

Once I wrote everything down I knew what I had to do and I did what I had to do every day to accomplish those goals. And every day that I accomplish my goals even if it seems like it’s doing nothing I know it’s something and it’s better than nothing.

I saying she get that one notebook that’s been sitting on your desk or in your room that’s been on touched or buy one and write down your goals and dreams.

Over time, some of the girls that were important to you aren’t going to be as important to you later but you know what that’s OK because we’re always evolving.

Pick that one goal that can finance the rest of your goals and take charge and make sure that you don’t waste a single second of your life letting that dream go.

This isn’t a practice life, this is in a movie, this is not a life you want to waste. It’s time to take control of your time and focus your energy on what matters. And what matters is your destiny.

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