The Every Girl Food Diet

The Every Girl Food Diet
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Diets suck. That’s that. Restricting yourself from eating things that you love to eat can make you want to it more. When you can’t have something, you only think about it more. Why restrict a certain food completely from your diet?

I understand if you’re looking to become a competing bodybuilder but if you’re like me where you want to be fit you can’t simply give up Butterfingers like if they don’t exist. That takes a lot of strength that I don’t want to do in the first place. So this is my diet that I don’t consider a diet at all, I consider a lifestyle change.

Monday through Friday

I eat a variety of foods during the regular week. Because I’m currently building muscle I eat more protein but my week consists of

  • oatmeal, eggs, coffee
  • double burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles and a Sprite
  • rice, beans, and steak or chicken
  • possible night snack of ice cream, or salty snack

For the most part, I eat a pretty well-rounded diet. I have enough of every food group, and while I’ll admit instead of those kinds of snacks I may need to begin substituting with vegetables or fruit but I’m not perfect.

During the week I’m controlled in my portions and I eat enough sweets or salty foods to cure my cravings. I also inhale water. I’m also in process of converting completely from drinking Coca-Cola and drinking Sprite instead.

I have left my diet like this because I can only do so much. Prior to this diet, which took over a year to get used to (I do slow progression, I never suggest switching to a new diet out of nowhere), I would eat over 1400 extra calories every day while working out. No matter how much I worked out I never received results because I ate large portions of food.

Now that I’ve accomplished what I have so far, I plan to now begin deleting extra caffeine and sugar from diet and keeping my sweets and overeating. That brings me to…

The Weekend

Over the weekend I can’t keep my stricter diet above. I can’t do it. If I don’t have some leeway I’ll end up giving up my diet completely. While I’m mostly controlled I’m realistic and cannot stop having sweets or worry about extra calories especially when I go out with my husband and friends.

But while I d use one trick over the weekend to keep me from overindulging and this trick is one I’ve written about before. It’s the heavy breath trick.

You know that breath you make when you eat and you ate a lot?

That big breath is your stomach pushing your diaphragm to make a deep breath and give you the message to stop eating. If you ignore that breath you can most likely eat 20 minutes more before the chemical message from the stomach to brain actually reaches the brain.

This trick is what keeps me thin.

What I eat every day is not exactly what you need to eat but I want to show you that I don’t eat organic and I’m not a vegan, I just eat a variety of things and control my food portions. You don’t have to go to the other extremes of eating super clean and count calories.

Where I’m getting at is that the everyday girl who doesn’t have specific dietary preferences or restrictions can focus on her portion size in meals, water intake, and enjoy herself on the weekends instead of having a diet take up her whole life.

I’ve found that restricting myself completely from foods leaves me to cheat n my diet more often and binge on snacks more than I would have before. I’d much rather eat freely on the weekends than have a full week restriction on food. Dieting is more fun this way.

My last tip when it comes to dieting is to take it slow. I began working on my meals 2 years ago. It was only last year when I felt like I’ve accomplished finding the meal choices that were right for me and now this year keep up my diet regimen.

There’s no rush to get fit and diet, take it one step at a time to prevent yourself from getting discouraged.

After you’ve set your diet and learned self-control when eating it’s then time to work on getting yourself to the gym. There’s not much of a point (you can still work out, your results won’t be so great) to work out if you can’t control your eating habits. Especially if you overeat.

Take it easy ladies. In time you’ll make a whole new lifestyle change.


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