The Influence in Your Life

The Influence in Your Life
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You are who you are surrounded by, they say. The older I get, the more I agree that this saying is true. I’ve gone through high school, college, office, and social media politics, family arguments, friendship disagreements, and I’m married. Within all these groups of people, whether they’re online or around me physically, influence me whether I like it or not.

Can you be influenced easily?

Have you ever found yourself repeating things that you wouldn’t normally say but you’ve been around that one person long enough that their sayings have now become a part of your words?

It’s happened to me a bunch of times. My husband copies my jokes and I find that I like to mimic traits that I find great in people when I’m in the middle of a conversation. I can see myself becoming more polite or make jokes about a certain trend that’s been popular to talk about.

I’ve read up on sports whenever I wanted to have an impact in the lives of my male friends. I change who I am or move toward a new direction for people I want to connect with but I find that I learn new things when I let myself be influenced by others.

In the beginning of the summer, I found myself walking through all of Central Park with a dear friend of mine and we talked and connected on so many subjects and interests, it was pretty cool. I learned about her beliefs, her people, and her goals. It motivated me to continue doing what I do every day.

Some people can influence you to be and do better. They influence you to work harder and to shine brighter.

The negative influences

Then, you have people that suck the life out of you. Sad to say, they’re always getting themselves into deep situations, or are negative about life in general. Nothing makes them happy and if you’re around them long enough you start to agree with them.

I remember a year ago, I wanted another dog. When I get bored I make impulse decisions and the worst person to have around me when I want to do so would be my sister. She had told me that my husband does whatever he wants to so you should too. I remember I got mad and agreed with her and bought the dog.

It didn’t take long to know that I made a mistake because the puppy got my dog hyper and they never slept. It drove my husband mad and we weren’t able to get a refund.

I’ll admit, it was so much fun taking them to the park and having them play together but I knew we couldn’t afford it.

With that being said, I let my sister get to me. Normally I would never make decisions like that without my husband’s okay.

Anyway, it goes to show that you are who you surround yourself with. Even if it’s briefly every person you encounter will affect you in some way.

I spent a lot of time with a girl and she was into spiritual things such as palm reading, horoscopes, and spirits, which I find uncomfortable but after talking to her a couple times I saw myself become interested in these things.

I am influenced easily by others and media

I’ve come to realize that I’m easily influenced by others. Others may not be but I’m open to learning new things and becoming a better person and so I make it an effort to surround myself with positive, intelligent, and down-to-earth people because that’s who and what I want to always be.

I never want to become prude or forget my goals. I want to keep fit and faithful to the things that are important to me which are my marriage, beliefs, business, and my future family. Friends come and go, and I understand that because I come and go as well.

As I get older I know that I want to be more of an influence toward teenagers, and young adults around the world and to do so I have to keep my mind pure and focused on things that matter. I can’t lose myself within people who only want to bring others down.

My family is big. I have four nieces, many cousins, and two sets of parents that I want proud of me. I can’t surround myself with people who (not to judge) smoke constantly, party non-stop, bring down others, have a lousy attitude, and don’t take care of themselves.

I love to listen to entrepreneurship podcasts, inspirational people with admirable stories, and successful businessmen and women.

I want nothing less to influence my life.

I never want to give up on anyone who’s influenced me deeply.

My husband, my future children (who I envision every so often), my family, and friends. Not only that, my readers are important to me.

I have my ups and downs, but I never want to lose myself and I know when things are dark it’s hard to climb up to the light. Great influences make the climb back to the top easier. That climb is better with someone pulling me up from the cliff then having a jealous and negative person watching me struggle to hold on.

I hate that so much. So many people have plotted or done things against me and I just can’t believe I’m that important and that much of a threat to some people that they need waste their time to do so.

For as long as I live, God will not let anyone or anything harm me.

You know, in two years, Tru.Works has come a long way. Come August 31st, It’ll be the beginning of Tru.Works’ third year. I’m excited. I’ve thought about quitting too many times. I’ve thought about leaving it all behind to work a normal job but too many people have kept me going.

When people come up to me and let me know they’re reading the articles, they’re inspired or have learned something from Tru.Works it keeps me going. It’s these positive stories and feedback that I receive that helps me out so much.

It’s true, you will have to drop flies and keep the caterpillars around. As long as there’s sun, food, and water all of you will blossom and become butterflies. Keep a fly around and they’ll drink your water. Let a second in and it’ll eat your leaves. Let them surround you and they’ll block the sun.

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