The Point of Thanksgiving

The Point of Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving is today and most likely you are spending time with family and friends or some of you may choose to spend the day alone. However you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving it is a day where you can remind yourself of the great things Daddy God has brought to you in your life.

It’s easy to remember the new car, money and a place to live. What about remembering your safety or health? You may not know it but everyday Daddy God protected you from people who are against you.

The gossipers, the thieves, and the liar have all been cleared from your paths thanks to God. While there may have been some losses this year, we are not at a total loss thanks to Jesus.

Every day this year Daddy God gave us health and kept us alive for His purpose. Many people reflect on what Daddy God has done for them and what He is doing every day

What about what have you done for Daddy God this year? Did you do everything you can do with your body, soul, and might? Did you use your eyes to see the good in people? Did you use your body to help others cross the street or move into town? Did you use your tongue to speak truth and god news into others lives? Did you use your hands to craft or build something worth living for?

Around this time of the year, I like to reflect upon myself. Did I do the best that I could with all the talents and gifts that God gave me? I hope so. I will always tell myself that I could’ve done more. But I’d like to think that I also could’ve done less.

Around this time of the year, I believe the devil loves to attack many people. Many people with few family, who’ve hurt others. He likes to bring p what we didn’t do, what we didn’t say, or the bad things we did. He likes to remind you that you didn’t do enough.

I ignore those thoughts.

Because to God, I’m more than enough and I’m getting better each and every ear that passes.  I have to think like this or the holidays can get depressing.

I’ll admit it’s so easy for me to dwell on negative thoughts and begin a cycle of depression, especially around this time of the year. Thankfully I have Daddy God to help me.

It motivates me to do more for Him. To do whatever it takes to fulfill my mission. He gave me His son, yet I give back so little.

How do I pay Daddy God back?

It’s human nature to pay back someone for a good deed. Some people receive a gift from a friend and feel they need to give them a gift too. The grace of God cannot be matched by anyone. It’s a free gift that you get through Christ.

Because it’s unable to be paid back some people try to do good deeds or be a good person but that’s not enough payment for Daddy God’s grace.

All you have to do is believe in Christ. That’sit you’re saved.

If you want to serve God then you can also do that too. That’s called, follow your purpose.

If Daddy God asked you to go to school for animal behavior, do it. If He asked you to give your sister a hug, do it. If He asked you to rest, do it.

Whatever was placed in your heart since young is your purpose. That’s what you’re meant to do. That’s your place in this world.

Sometimes we’ll mess up. As we reflect back on the year we will remember the screwups. We’re human, we like to do better and be better than we were in the past.

If you mess up, don’t worry. You are forgiven.

Keep trying. Don’t ever give up and don’t ever quit trying to be better.

In this tiring life, we have moments granted by God to rest. To be able to rest and enjoy and be grateful for What God has given us is the point of Thanksgiving. It’s also the reason to keep getting better at what we like to do.

Eat up and enjoy your meal. God’s going to take you farther than you ever dreamed of. If you’ve fallen off the horse it’s time to get back on it.

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