The Woman Who Wants

The Woman Who Always Wants
©Ryan McGuire 2015

You know her. She spends your money left and right. She may work but you have no clue where those dollars are. Some don’t work at all and just swallows your income. Please stop her. Stop her now and don’t give her a credit card.

Money Awareness

This woman has no clue that money is a tool to make more money. Your money should be saved and the risked into an investment that will make extra income for you. You repeat this until you make millions but, if your woman is spending all your hard earned money, you’re going to be working every day of your life to sustain her habits. Goodbye, retirement.

Misunderstanding of Success 

Many people live ever yday feeling that working and living check to check or spending your checks as soon as you cash them is an okay way to live. When you hit 80 you physically might not be able to work anymore but you still need some kind of income. Many call this a plan for retirement but there’s more to it than that. You should plan for success.

Success is related to freedom. You’re not free when you owe someone money or when you depend on the economy in your career like real estate. Freedom is surpassing that. For example, Warren Buffet uses a jet to get from place to place which is paid for by a company that he owns. He has that much money and is free to do anything which makes him successful. He can do anything he wants, but he doesn’t. He continues working hard and making money.

Get a Job

Usually, when a woman spends her money she’s not busy enough. Especially if she doesn’t have a job. So have her get one. More money is better. When you both contribute to be successful and head toward the same goal it’s a double blessing. Many millionaires worked hard by themselves with very little help. Having two people on the same team i.s a bigger advantage

In the end just get your woman busy. Not just busy with errands but have her work and with the extra money save it and invest it.

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