Tim Allen and Last Man Standing Season 6

©Terrah Holly 2015
©Terrah Holly 2015

Season 6 of “Last Man Standing” is now being aired on TV’s ABC 7 and streamed online on Hulu for the many fans of the comedy of Tim Allen, a natural at TV comedy.

In Season 6 we find that Mike Baxter and his family dynamics have been settled since his oldest daughter, Kristen Baxter (Amanda Fuller) has now gotten a home with her hard to love, now husband, Ryan Vogelson (Jordan Masterson). We’ve also seen that Kyle (Cristoph Sanders) and Mandy (Molly Ephraim) are now engaged and working on figuring their new lives together toward marriage. Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) is now on a quest for her purpose after being declined entrance to her school of choice. Boyd (Flynn Morrison), Mike’s beloved grandson, is growing up as is the rest of the cast and with each episode that passes the Baxter family grows closer to each other but more independent.

In the first episode of the season, we bring the whole cast together ,excluding Eve, to help out with a brunch that Kristen had responsibility for Outdoor Man Grill. While Kristen is consumed with her event Ryan, her husband feels abandoned by her attention to her brunch. At the same time, we have Kyle working at Outdoor Man and not realizing that while he was feeding cats downstairs he may have attracted other animals to the store.

It’s nice to see the cast together again who each have their own set of issues that when in an emergency they will all quickly drop their personal problems to unite their family and get through any issues that pass them by.

In the first episode, we find that at Outdoor Man everyone has come to the Grill to attend Kristen’s brunch and over conversation Mike meets with Chuck Larabee (Jonathan Adams) to look over their security cameras where they catch Kyle feeding cats and review the brunch.

Mike is pleased that brunch is ready to go and releases the control he wanted over it and reviews other cameras and realizes there’s a bear in Outdoor Man’s storage. Together, the Baxters, figure out a way to keep each other safe while making sure that the bear leaves Outdoor Man without being injured.

During the craze, Mike has the Vanessa (Nancy Travis) and Boyd go upstairs while he searches for Kyle who had already met the bear. Right about when Kyle figures to shoot the bear with what he thought was a tranquilizer gun Mike catches him in time to let him know that he had the wrong gun and then get chased out into a utility closet because of the bear.

It’s in that utility closet where they find a bear cub and realize they’re dealing with a mother bear protecting her cub. I won’t spoil the end of this episode but I will say that with the start of each season of “Last Man Standing” the writers love to bring the family together with a crisis that reminds its audience of each character and establishes where everyone is in their relationships with one another.

In this season we can expect a change in relationships with the Baxter children as we expect a wedding from Mandy and Kyle, possibly a giant career move from Eve, and knowing that the Baxter family home may soon be empty but until we figure what will happen to the Baxter family home we’ll enjoy great tv laughs and interesting stories along the way.

You can view season 6 at Abc’s website today.

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