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As a Christian, I sometimes find myself lonely in this city where millions live. New York City is so vast and it’s so obvious that every New Yorker has felt alone. You can find people crying while they’re walking, or begging for money, I have even seen someone take a dump in the 14th street, Union Square station in a cup. That was terrifying.

I wondered, “How could anyone have let themselves get so low?” I don’t mean as low as taking a dump in the subway but why are New Yorkers (and everyone else) having low moments, one right after another?

As I stated my wonderment, I include myself. I generally have great days but I low moments. I get so low where I want to move back with my parents and just relieve myself of the stress of the city life. I can get so tired of people pushing into me, losing money on purchasing stupid things (I’m not very good at finances), even the daily risk of losing my room or apartment because the person who actually owns the lease can move back to New York City at any moment.

You know what’s funny is that when I lived in Lancaster, PA I found myself wanting to be outside all the time and in New York City I don’t want to be outside. I want to be home where I am left alone and given the little privacy I have because in New york City you have to pay for privacy.

Anyway, like I was saying When I get low I have absolutely no one to turn to. My husband is battling his daily problems as am I. I cannot understand him and why certain things are a big deal to my husband when to me I can get over the money issues and the financial burdens.

What I cannot get over is not having a permanent place to live or not being able to purchase clothing or food whenever I want. Unfortunately, I am a princess and hate not being able to shop.

The true problem

Once I have finished thinking thoroughly I noticed that all of the struggles and fears that my husband and I had in common all resulted in the lack of income we had in New York City.

Everyone knows it’s expensive to move to New York City. A lot of people plan to move to New york City with a financial plan in mind. They tackle their plan slowly and get a job in New York and everything works out well for them.

That’s great for them but my husband and I dropped all our bags and moved to New York City in a matter of 3 months. We had no prospects and we had nowhere to live until 2 weeks before our actually move out date from our parents house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We moved on a whim.

I can say that we trusted God and believed strongly that moving to New york City was what he’s been wanting us to do for years. This sudden move comes with many problems and like I said earlier these problems had to all do with money.

Every day, we have no idea where our money is going to come from. I was offered a full-time job in New York City and was given part-time hours instead. We fell behind in our finances because of an unexpected turn of events.

I come to realize that no matter how much money I have, there’s always going to be someone or something trying to take it away from me. I even find myself trying to get rid of money in exchange for gifts, food or clothes.

The lesson at hand

Personally, I believe that Daddy God is teaching me a very valuable lesson. It’s time my husband and I stopped throwing away the money He gives us and start investing it in things that really matter.

First things first, we ended 2015 with given out 10% in tithes to our church. It is February and we still give our tithes. Giving our tithes is one of the hardest things we can do as average people. The thought of giving away money that we worked hard for to our church is pretty crazy if you ask me.

I was motivated to continue giving our tithes as soon as I was challenged by the Father to give Him His money back. There’s only one place in all Scripture where we can challenge God to keep one of His promises. It’s actually written that He wants us to challenge Him. Don’t you find that unbelievable?

Malachi 3:10

…Test me in this and see if I don’t open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams. For my part, I will defend you against marauders, protect your wheat fields and vegetable gardens against plunderers.” The Message of God-of-the-Angel-Armies.

Look, I am a very hard headed person but if there’s one thing I love to engage in is a good old friendly challenge even if the challenge is from Daddy God.

To this day, I see people crying in the subway over financial burdens. I listen to the stories on the subway of the bad things that have happened to people and why they are asking for money today. At work, people complain about the hours they are given at work.

I even laugh at how some people stare at the women up and down who have their hair freshly done, Michael Kors bags and Hunter boots. To be honest, sometimes I hate on those witches but I can’t judge them for what they have.

Today, I assume all those people who look like they’re better off than me are in financial debt. I also assume that they’re probably giving their tithes and offerings to their church. What I’m trying to say is that eventually you have to get over the fact that some people look more blessed than you.

People may look like they have money but you have no idea what they do. You have absolutely no idea where their money goes. If money is such a big deal to you, and you catch yourself not paying tithes then maybe you should check yourself.

Some of us are blessed and pay no tithes. That’s another article but this article is for those of us struggling to make ends meet. You’re not alone out there. I challenge you, the same way God challenges you to give His tithes to the church. It doesn’t matter what the pastor does with it or where it goes but just give that money away.


Time and time again I have found that when I give tithes I don’t spend as much. I feel protected. I pick up more shifts at work and more shifts are given to me. I invest in people who can help my website and help me advance in my career instead of spending my money in food. I look at my finances more and can tell you to the dollar how much I spent money in a day.

Most likely, you’re going to spend that money anyway so it really isn’t so bad to give that money away to God. He’s our Provider. He wants us to be successful and I know that there are so many of us in debt by the thousands. Get yourself out of this debt giving what belongs to God away in the first place.

He will defend you to the end. He will defend you against the people plotting against you in the streets. He will defend you against people who want to rob you of your money. He will give you more than you need.

Seek God today and give your tithes. He challenges you to. Father God never breaks promises. I have had no financial worry since I have paid my tithes. I have given all my trust to the Father on money and have become more responsible with my money after understanding that all the money in the world is His anyway. I should not spend it on stupid things and use money as a tool to do more for Father God with it.


The Message (MSG)

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