Today’s a Bad Day

Today's a Bad Day
©Ryan McGuire 2015

You just finished watching your car get towed right in front of you. Right before that, you got in an accident and you have no clue how you’re going to get home. Those are the worst days. What’s worse is that on a bad day you never have one thing happen to you. It’s always multiple negative events in one day.

Bad days happen to everyone. Miley Cyrus has a bad day, President Trump has bad days and your mom has a bad day. Fortunately, there’s always another day to come. Keep that in mind when you have a bad day.
It’s easy to think about bad things when bad events happen to us. Our car gets towed and we instantly think about how much it’ll cost and what a hindrance it’ll be to not have a car for the time being. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the bad things that just happened to you and all the bad that could happen because of what just happened to you. Does it make sense at all to already think negatively about your day just because at this very moment you had something happen to you?
Things do happen, that’s guaranteed in life but where you are now and what you have today is all a result of your thoughts from the past. God made the universe work the same way for everyone. Your thoughts are what you declare. If what comes out of your mouth is negative, they will happen.

Declaring your day to be a great day is easier said than done. You have to remind yourself to be able to do that every day.

You must not focus on your debt but instead focus on a positive bank account and checks coming in the mail. You must be grateful for what you do have so that more great things will enter your life.Instead of thinking about the pain in your leg, think about how healthy you are otherwise. Instead of thinking about hate, think about the love that this world does have.

Instead of thinking about how crappy your apartment is right now, think about how amazing the next one is going to be. Imagine yourself sitting in the chair you want and cooking in the kitchen of your dreams.

Imagine how wonderful your relationship is. Don’t sulk on the rough patches. Why focus on the negative at all? If you’re going to be thinking anything at all, focus on the good!

Set your alarm to say, “Today’s a great day” and when something rough comes up you’ll have a better attitude. Instead of punching walls, you will most likely breath and continue pushing through.
No one is perfect. You will mess up but that’s what your reminder is for. Don’t let Murphy’s Law or Karma take control of your life. You take control of how you handle your life.

Where you are today was because of the decisions you made in your life. What decision will you make today that can totally change your tomorrow?

Change the way you think. Think about the good and not the bad. It can be so difficult to d so but in doing so you will prevent worse things from happening to you. This is the law of the universe. It works! The hardest part is to retrain our minds to think better thoughts.

We must begin by thinking better thoughts about ourselves and who we are, the people around us and what we have. We must be grateful for what we have and expect better things to come as we continue our lives.

Once we begin this cycle of good thoughts we can reap good things because we sowed them.

I know that with practice your days will get better. Even if today was the worst day you could have ever had, it can get worse. Reverse that thinking and think about the good that happened to you that day as hard as it is and watch your day turn around. Think about the safety of your children, your spouse, your job, and anything else that you can think of that’s a blessing to you to change your day around.

I know you can do it, it’s in you. It’s in all of us.

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