We Must Treat People With Kindness

We must treat people with kindness

Treat People With Kindness

Every person we meet is a person who has a soul, spirit, and conscience. Everyone you meet is human and how you treat them can affect the rest of their lives in a great way or negative way. It is very important we treat others as god as we are. No matter how rude or ignorant someone may be toward you in a moment it doesn’t necessarily mean this is how this person truly is. In the end, it’s not up to use to pick and choose how we treat someone. We must always treat people with kindness.

Why I like to be kind to others

When I was in first grade, I remember my second-grade buddy. That person helped me with homework and was my friend for absolutely no reason except that they were assigned to me. They read books to me and helped me learn whenever the second graders were sent to the first-graders classroom.

These small kind gestures were just something that I would never forget. It left a warm impression on my heart that I strive now to leave unto others.

Imagine that a first grader felt so respected that 20 years later they still remember what it felt like for someone to treat them nicely without being forced to do so. I believe that how we treat people leaves a small but everlasting impact on us that has us want to treat other the way we were treated.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

Treat others the way you want to be treated, yadda yadda, is very important. It almost as if today people treat others more like how other people treat them. Which means that everyone gets treated the way they deserve to be treated. In my eyes none of us are perfect. None of us deserve to be treated nicely and so technically, we all would be treated badly if we all got what we deserved.

Treating others the way they treat you can be okay but what happens when someone treats you poorly?

Does that mean you’ll treat them just as bad as they treat you? Probably. Especially if you believe that you give people what they give you. Yet what does that solve? Absolutely nothing.

Let’s say someone bumps into you n the street. Well then, we if we treat others the way they treat us then we’d technically bump back into them. This kind of mindset only escalates things and brings more problems to you.

Obviously, in that scenario, the person probably deserved to be bumped back into, but is that really worth anything? Does it make you feel any better? Just let it go and you’ll see yourself get into fewer issues that way.

You will receive you give out in the world. We’ve all heard that positive energy brings back positive energy and negative energy will bring back negative energy. I’m not sure about you but I’d rather get back good vibes or good energy than negative ones. If that means apologizing for things I didn’t do and using my manners even when the person I’m speaking to is a complete jerk then I’ll take it. If I got to be the better person, even though deep down inside I want to throw a brick at someone I’ll d it.

Treat people with respect

Treating people with respect when they don’t deserve it is hard. A lot of people believe that they’ll only begin to respect someone when they give them something to respect. I totally get it, but that’s the easy way out of life. I mean, who are you to demand respect from someone who doesn’t know you.

Yet this mentality is destroying our respect for each other in today’s culture. If we have no respect for people unless they prove to us that they deserve our respect, it’s pretty easy to just simply disrespect strangers, and acquaintance because you don’t know them and they don’t know you.

Everyone deserves to have their personal space, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or race respected even if you don’t know someone. It’s easy to be disrespectful to someone who doesn’t have the same views as you. Think about the way we treat others with different political or religious views.

The disrespect is real, and it’s a shame that society now thinks no one deserves respect unless it’s earned. When if we all just respect each other, and each other’s beliefs, we’d probably be way better off than always dissing each other.

Just imagine what taste you leave in people’s mouths. You may not care but really dig deep and think about how people remember you as. Do they think of you as someone who treated them horribly, unfairly, and didn’t respect them? Or are you someone who can be remembered by their kind words, and helpful attitude?

I don’t want to leave this earth knowing I treated others poorly or with disrespect. Sadly some people just don’t care. People who don’t care are most likely people who have been mistreated themselves.

Time and time again they’ve been beaten up and torn down. I get it, why treat others nicely when no one has ever given me the time of day?

When you don’t treat others with respect

There are many broken and hurt people in this world. All of them hurt by people who disrespected them. People have stolen from them, beat them up, cheated on them, and just plainly treated them unfairly.

If you’re one of those people, I totally get your viewpoint in life. But can you say you’re truly happy? I get that this route of thinking is safer. You, mind your business and go home. You hang out with like-minded people, and you probably don’t trust many people and maybe not anyone at all but is this lifestyle that you want forever?

I want to trust someone completely. I want a best friend or a great relationship with my family.

Obviously, some cases are more serious than others. That’s where you got to get serious help but for those of you who haven’t had a serious relationship because the last one you were in had your trust broken, or to anyone who lives life with a scoreboard in your head just ready to get back at people or make sure you win arguments or can defend yourself when need be, aren’t you tired of your boring life?

Life is about having great relationships. Life is supposed to be exciting and fun and what makes it fun is the people you share it with. Get yourself around new people who respect you and are kind to others.

Change your attitude toward people and forgive the past so that you can establish new relationships. The bitterness and hate that you have is limiting your life. You don’t meet new people, you hurt others, and you also don’t give others a chance which in turn just limits you to what is in your area.

Life is all about risks. yea someone may hurt you, that doesn’t mean you hurt them back. As you can see, this eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth idea isn’t working so why not just give kindness a try?

It’s no wonder the Bible threw that rule away in the Old Testament and went with a forgiveness approach in the New Testament.

Watch your life change as you begin to treat others with respect even if they didn’t earn it.

If you don’t know where to start LifeWay has a great article that shares different ways you can show kindness to others.

In the end, they can’t say you wronged them. They can only say that you gave them a chance. Like my second-grade buddy gave me, I now give others the benefit of the doubt. Because honestly, it’s just better to put more good in the world with kindness and respect than to keep adding to the carelessness, and hurtful actions that other people do only because of their own hurts and pains.

When I get treated with kindness it shocks me. I can’t forget the experience that kind person gave me. It makes me want to be kind to others. It’s way easier to treat others the way they treat you but wouldn’t it be a better world we live in if we all chose to treat others with kindness even if they don’t deserve it?

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