Tru.Works Morals

Tru.Works Morals
©Alexander Rotker 2016

I had just learned that the co-founder of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, had emailed back and forth Hillary Clinton about using Huffington Post to share Hillary’s agenda with PMUSA (who are the owners of Marlboro cigarettes) without risking her reputation.

This email angered me so much. The way the Democratic party works and uses other people for political gains and how these people agree to their “great” ideas. It’s not to say the Republican party doesn’t have its own issues, actually, I hate that we have parties, but my biggest concern wasn’t necessarily what Hillary’s team did but what the co-founder of Huffington Post did.

As a media company owner, I wanted to share my morals with my audience because I would rather not write ever again than to use my media platform for political gains or anything else like that. Wh knows how big Tru.Works will become but I want my audience to hold me accountable to my words.

Tru.Works Stands For

Telling Stories with the best intentions that are based on true life events

Representing our writers as educated, and creative people with great ideas

Understanding that not everyone will agree with our ideas, opinions, or beliefs, but to respect all of our readers no matter what

Although these points are brief I want my readers to know that I want to be a genuine, and honest media platform. I know that right now Tru.Works is a small blog but I have big dreams for Tru.Works.

The news of what Arianna Huffington had done was disappointing to me. I hope that I’m never put in a place where I had to choose between my integrity or money, and life. I’m not here to judge her Arianna’s scenario because I don’t have all the information but I’ve always believed that if there are rumors of something, there’s some truth behind it.

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