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Are you looking for to become an artist entrepreneur? Would you like us to market your art business? Tru.Works shares business advice by artists on the topics of business but also of relationships, and health. We share and market those stories, your art, via our email newsletter.

Below are a list of our top most read business advice stories by artists :

Help! I’m Becoming an Author! by L.M. Sanguinette

A Story About the Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneur by Yessenia Matamoros

She Keeps Bringing Up the Past

Our stories by art entrepreneurs that relate to the art business are short expeditions that explain how artists accomplished their business goals.

Artists Have Good Business Advice to Share

At Tru.Works we found that our readers want to read stories by artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders who may not normally share their stories of their successful business. The artists we interview are photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, directors, chefs, fashion designers, and more. They are active in their communities and need a platform to share their stories. Tru.Works is that platform.

There’s no need to be a starving artist! Your art business should be profitable and supply your needs. Don’t make the mistake of underselling yourself and reaching out to the wrong market. Learn from other artists the lessons they learned.

How about you? Are you an artists who has a story to tell? Are you a leader in your community that wants to share their lessons learned? Or do you know someone like this? Contact us by email so Tru.Works can share that story! Our email is info@tru.works.

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