A True Hong Kong China Conflict History

Hong Kong and China StoryA Hong Kong and China Story from a Hongkonger Themselves

This is the story of a Hongkonger who is currently living and experiencing the changes that the China Communist Party (CCP) is imposing on Hong Kong and its citizens. These current events personally affect me because I have friends in Hong Kong who are now facing the daily challenge of losing their Hong Kong identity. I’m thankful that I was able to share this account on Tru.Works from a Hongkonger as to what is currently happening in Hong Kong. This is a Hong Kong and China story from a Hongkonger themself.

I am a Hongkonger

I am twenty-two years old. A classic Hong Konger born in Hong Kong. Apparently, I was born in 1999. The year 1997 is the year that the UK returned sovereignty over the British-dependent territory of Hong Kong to China. At that moment the China Communist Party (CCP ) promised that the capitalist system and the way of life will remain unchanged for 50 years in Hong Kong.

The CCP even mentioned that one country, two systems, Basic Law, and Hong Kong People will continue to rule Hong Kong. Hence, from 1997-2019, we were having a great time. We were free people. I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 22 years. I never thought of moving to another country nor evade Hong Kong. We don’t really talk about the lifestyle here.

 The China and Hong Kong Conflict

The table turns in 2019 due to Carrie Lam (A Hong Kong politician who currently serves as the Chief Executive of Hong Kong) deciding to put China into the Extradition Bill. Hence it caused several enormous protests in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong people protested and begged for the following 5 demands:

 1. Full withdrawal of the extradition bill

2. A commission of inquiry into alleged police brutality

3. Retracting the classification of protesters as “rioters”

4. Amnesty for arrested protesters.

5. Dual universal suffrage (the right to vote) for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive branch.

When you’re watching the news about the Hong Kong Protest, this is what the protesters are asking for. They want these freedoms returned to them.

The Hong Kong people’s freedom- gone

Until the day that CCP imposes its new laws on Hong Kong, everyone lives in fear. We even take the utmost care in our speech. Because the language in the new laws discusses national security. Where even speeches are subject to being crimes.


Carrie Lam assigned several judges to handle National Security Law. Those “judges” are well-known CCP Supporters. This means most of the cases will directly go to jail/prison.


My hopes for Hong Kong

In my perspective, the future of Hong Kong lays in the neighboring island, Macau. Macau is its own government. In other words, Hong Kong might turn into a slave of China. Since our own Hong Kong government is squeezing the people of Hong Kong into a nightmare. Hence no one dares to resist. Maybe Macau is the answer.

To whom it may reading this essay, I’d like to introduce our “greatest” human being in Hong Kong. Carrie Lam. Who tore Hong Kong apart with authority. Who violated basic law. And who wrecked teenagers in Hong Kong. Lam took away all the freedom we supposed to have. 

Thank you, Carrie Lam.

This is an account of the current Hong Kong and China story that we see in the news today. Where in one day, by the hand of one person, the Hong Kong people’s way of life was changed entirely. The slow and inevitable loss of freedom the Hong Kong People will face has Hongkongers making life decisions that they didn’t think they’d have to face suddenly. Thank you for reading and please understand that this is an anonymous post by choice by someone who does not speak English as their first language. 

I humbly thank you for sharing your story. For more impactful stories check out:

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