Vacationing Alone in Japan

Vacationing Alone in Japan
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Japan is a country with a long history full of tradition and culture practiced every day that is almost unchanged to this day. Many other countries are beautiful and wonderful and many enjoy with your own family and friends. It is absolutely everyone’s priority to travel to another country in their lifetime and spend that time with their loved ones but there are times when sharing the opportunity to travel can become stressful. I want to share an idea I have had on my mind to make my travels more exciting and more of my own.

Whenever I think about past trips I have taken with family or friends there’s always good memories but there are also memories that are full of arguments and disagreements that some may say are part of the memories you get from traveling with your family that should be cherished and I disagree. I want to see everything I can in the time I paid to take off from work to truly experience the country I am traveling to.

Japan is a country that as an American I feel will need an extreme focus and awareness to make sure that I am enjoying Japan at all times. I want to enjoy every minute of Japan because it is a country that is expensive to travel to and absolutely different than the culture in the United States.

I have considered that when I plan the trip to Japan that I would possibly go alone.

Traveling alone seems like something most people would hate to do because they want to spend time with the people they love and I understand that. I also understand that traveling with other people is a safer way to travel but I am tired of spending money to argue and disagree on what to do.

I have also realized that vacationing can become stressful when who you are traveling with has a different agenda than what you had in mind. I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but when you imagine going on vacation you never want to go alone. You really want to take your spouse, friends or relatives. You may even plan a trip with friends or coworkers.

To choose to go to Japan and travel alone seems so scary and overwhelming because of the simple fact that you can only depend on yourself for directions. Once you get lost you are lost!

Vacationing to wherever you want to go means that you don’t have to discuss what you are planning to do with anyone. You can do anything you want whenever you want. You don’t have to ask your partner or friend what they want to eat or what they want to see. You even get to eat whenever and whatever you want.

This is great! How come this idea was never put on the table in conversations at work or amongst family?

But after further thought, I then realized that I don’t know if I would travel that far away alone. I mean, you have so much freedom but how long would you stay in another country alone on vacation for? Have you ever seen the movie Taken with Liam Neeson? Not that Daddy God isn’t protecting me wherever I go but for my own piece of mind, I would rather go with someone if I am going on any trip for more than a couple days.

There are some pros and cons to vacationing alone. The best pro of all is that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want but then you only can share those moments with yourself.

I can see myself doing a day trip to somewhere that I can drive to or even a weekend to somewhere in the United States or in the Caribbean but to go to a country as far as Australia alone, is a trip that I want to share instead.

There is something about having memories with family and later enjoying that time you spent together that I love that to most people is the only reason they vacation but I also believe there are moments when you need to have your own personal adventure!

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