We Are Clothed In Righteousness

We Are Clothed In Righteousness
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As the redeemed children of God, we are now cleansed of our sins, that we are cleansed of every guilt and shame through the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross for our sins, that our filthy rags of brokenness and sin are now made priestly robes as a priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek, that our filthy rags of brokenness and sin would be cleansed and we now stand before the throne of God, with purity, boldness, and confidence, now made the righteousness of Christ Jesus.

That we are now standing in the second covenant of God made for us by God Himself, that we are predestined by God, through the crucifixion of His Son, a people set aside for such a time as this. That we would not only be the hands and feet of Jesus into this world, but also the mouth of Jesus, that we would speak to the world the word and life that Jesus has come to bring in abundance.

That we are now standing in the second covenant of God made for us by God Himself, that we are predestined by God, through the crucifixion of His Son, a people set aside for such a time as this. That we would not only be the hands and feet of Jesus into this world, but also the mouth of Jesus, that we would speak to the world the word and life that Jesus has come to bring in abundance.

We are now clothed in the redemption of Christ, this robe of purity, that has made a way for you to stand before the throne of the Kingdom of heaven with boldness and confidence, in this clothing, this cloak of righteousness. Without the cloak of righteousness our hearts will condemn us, through our self-righteousness and our attempt to stitch together our own cloak, that is only an echo of our self-justification a material manifestation of our reliance on ourselves, this cloak of self-righteousness is a temporal and fleeting imitation of the cloak of divine glory and redemption that we receive in Christ Jesus.

Therefore, if we stand before God’s throne clothed in self-righteousness, a garment of vain worldly driven fashion designed and manufactured by the hands of men, in an attempt to cover a behavior or belief set which we know is corrupting our hearts and a belief that is not of God. We will find our hearts under condemnation and question our place before the heavenly throne.

Keeping our heavenly cloak of righteousness, cleansed of guilt and shame, as it was given in salvation, will keep us in confidence and boldness of our complete and absolute favor in our relationship with God. This doesn’t mean that it is cleansed by works it is cleansed through repentance, it is cleansed in keeping our hearts aligned with God, it is cleansed through the appropriation of the blood of Jesus and walking as God desires for us.

So, when we find ourselves offended and our heart aches and our reflex action of revenge begins to form in our hearts. Stop, and find peace in the knowledge of God’s word and presence and know that unforgiveness is not power, know that you wear the cloak of righteousness, that you are clothed in righteousness of unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is the stronghold of bitterness, anger, and revenge, and these sins will only stain our clothes of righteousness. It will not bring life but will become a poison that will destroy us and the Spirit will be grieved and its fire extinguished.

The world offers lies of self-empowerment, of self-righteousness, lies that were first spoken in the Garden of Eden. The path of righteousness is not through the carvings of an ancient pagan language and idolatry that leads to spiritual death, it is not found in the disparities of science that leads to a life of meaningless and depression, the way to eternal life and peace in this world it is not through holding onto the clothes of brokenness that we were born into, the cloak of the second death, it will only be found in the clothing of the robes of righteousness of eternal life that can only be found in Jesus.

Eternal life is only found by wearing the pure white robe, the cloak that covers all our sins the cloak that is drenched in the blood of the lamb of Christ’s crucifixion and life-giving resurrection power, and here we find ourselves, only wanting to lose ourselves in the covering of Jesus, needing to be clothed in His righteousness, knowing that there is only one way to Jesus there is only one way to God and that is through the name of Christ Jesus. The salvation from separation from God, the gift of grace that is a gift of God, the gift of salvation that we do not deserve, that we cannot earn, that is the gift that we are given freely by our heavenly Father. Where it is written that God loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son that we would know life and life abundant, in the now and in Eternity.

The cloak of grace is not liberty to take the yoke of pagan religion and cleverly constructed arguments to walk in shades of grey of knowledge of life and death and bury ourselves in a wall of denial and fear. Fear of change or the rejection of conviction that brings a mirror to our reflection, that reveals the broken places, the selfish places, the places where my greatest fears and my perceived greatest strengths exist in the same space and time.

If we truly believe that grace is earned, freely given and without works, that we desire to be closer to God out of love for Him and obedience to Him, not for salvation but to be more like Him. Then the chains of paganism and idolatry should be cast off, that chains of addictions are cast off repented from and then left in our past.

And when we struggle to see these chains of bondage broken and overcome, we press into our Heavenly Father’s strength and unending mercy, his grace undeserved, His blood that cleanses our filthy rags, as then we draw on the strength of the Holy Spirit of the Heavenly Father that dwells within that is our source of living water that is greater than anything of this world that seeks to separate us from the love of God.

Our God, who is the living God. He dwells in our now, He dwells in our future, our God that exists out of time and space. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha, and Omega who was and who is and who is to come.

He does not want us to love in the past as the Israelites were given to, longing to return to the past that they had left in Egypt but still carried in their hearts. Despite the miracles of the plagues over Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea that had brought the might of Egypt to its knees, Israel still doubted Gods love for them and His desire to see them prosper, even as Moses was received by God to receive the Law that God desired for the people to live as Godly people, that they would be led by the God that had loved them so much to bring them freedom.

But the people asked Aaron to create an idol of their former slave masters pagan religion, (Exodus 32:1-35), they could not let go of their past, they refused the cloak of righteousness that was the power of God that had rescued them from slavery, and were never to see the Promised land as God led them into the wilderness for Forty years. Moses himself, God’s right-hand man, the instrument of God’s intercession to set the captives free, was warned that he would never see the Promised Land and died just before the Israelites entered the Promised Land.

The promise of eternal life, of Heavens return to Earth, is the Promised Land of the second covenant, the second covenant that was made through the shedding of the blood of Jesus on the Cross. If we should find ourselves looking to the things of the past, we risk missing the promises of God’s future.

Promises are never backwards looking, promises are always looking forward, they are the words of God eternal promise that bring life, the language of God’s life-giving presence, the language of the past, can so easily be the language of condemnation, the language of the enemies whispered doubts, is found in the matters of the world and the past. As we see in the news reports on the hourly news updates of the dedicated TV news channels are always backward looking, the language of news reports is backward-looking, they are the things that have happened.

So, we find ourselves looking at the past commenting on the past, a perpetual sense of moral outrage of the things of the past, the next day we find ourselves talking about the things of yesterday that we heard on yesterday’s new, that happened the day before that about the most negative elements of society, that are themselves sourced from the past. We become ruled by the past and the past becomes our words, the past becomes our conversations, the past becomes our present. The past becomes our god, an idol that sets itself against the knowledge of God.

Take the cloak of righteousness, the cloak of grace, the cloak of God’s promises of life in abundance through an eternity in His Spirit, the clothing of God’s favor and walk as we have been called to walk, empowered by the Word of God and the Spirit of God.

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