What God Protects us From

What God Protects us From
What God Protects us From
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If we were to really think about it, in our day-to-day lives and activities, we really don’t have any idea what God it is really protecting us from.

So many things happen to so many people and yet not so many things are happening to many people. Yet not enough things happen to people. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want things to happen to people but I’m surprised that not more bombings or threats or natural disasters have happened than they really do.

If you really think about, why hasn’t New York City blown up yet? Why haven’t I been murdered get or even why hasn’t anything happened to me yet?

These questions are questions I used to ask when I was in high school and in high school I was a very thoughtful person who always daydreamed and had many questions in my head, especially before I was saved.

After learning more about God, I don’t question whether or not he protects us. I know that He does but I just can’t imagine what He really protects us from. If you really think about it there are so many people, dangers, and decisions that I could’ve come across that have never happened to me because God has had my back.

I can’t explain it any other way.

I’m not saying that things don’t happen because they surely do but I believe that he allows her in things to happen and then again he doesn’t let certain things happen to me either.

When it comes to people He has given me much wisdom in choosing who I can trust and who I can share things with. There are many people who are liars, cheaters, and hurtful (not to sayI don’t do the same sometimes) people. I’m not one to judge them. It’s their place right now in their journey of life. But I’m surprised I haven’t been scammed more often, lied to more than I have, or even fought with. Think about it. I’ve had a lot of peace from people and I know that a manipulative person could’ve come into my life but God protected me from them. I will never have any idea of what I’ve been protected from until I get to heaven and ask Him.

Now I live in New York City, and it amazes me especially now that I travel through Penn station every day and see One World Trade daily that not more dangerous things happen like 9/11. There is so much evil in this world so why aren’t there more terrorists or danger lurking around the streets of New York City? I’ve seen it all, and I’ve even heard it all. Yet I have never ever experienced danger in New York City and I give my thanks to God for that.

I’m also surprised that I haven’t been robbed. Well, I haven’t been robbed in New York City. I’m going to admit in my hometown I got robbed but I wasn’t hurt. I’ll also admit that in Brooklyn we were broken into but I wasn’t hurt. I can pick and choose what God has protected me from or allowed into my life but if you really think about it why am I even alive still? I’m just wondering why nothing else has happened to me?.

When I think about my life decisions, I’ve made many stupid decisions in my finances, marriage, friendships, career, and business. I have learned many things and yet God has protected me from people hurting me, scams, identity theft, and more.

I have yet to go through a hurricane, earthquake, and even a volcano eruption. I’m not asking for any of these things to happen to me or anyone else and I’m also not saying that people who have gone through this God is not protecting them but I’m just saying that God gives us what we can handle and that when you look at the big picture I’m really surprised that not more things happen in this world,

There are times I travel back to my hometown by bus and wonder why wouldn’t my bus blow up right now? Why wouldn’t the bus driver crash into another car? The reason I believe that I’m still on this Earth is because of the Grace of God and my Righteousness in Christ Jesus.

I believe God wants you alive for a reason and until that reason is complete you’re not done here.

I’m not going anywhere and neither is my husband or family or anyone I care about. I’m not a Christian who uses scripture to prove this (not to say that’s wrong. I’m actually jealous people can do that). I just believe that this is what God wants and that this is His personality and His being. He wants me safe and sound.

I think this article is a reflection about how God really protects us from a lot of things. There are too many things we are not aware of but you know what I’m glad. I’m glad that I don’t have to look over my shoulder, that I don’t have to worry about each person I meet, and that I don’t have to live a fearful life.

I’m happy that God takes care of me and my family and I’m delighted that he wants me to stick around to fulfill my purpose.

Have you ever wondered of what God protects you from?

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