What I Hope Heaven Is Like

What I Hope Heaven Is Like

What I Hope Heaven Is Like

A picture of heaven has always been stored in my daydreams. I’ve let the image of heaven take over me. When I think of heaven I feel and see so many things and I get overwhelmed by what I imagine heaven could be like.

When I die, I know I will be received by Christ and I’ll get to hug Him and enjoy that moment where all my heart will have is eternal peace. I swear that I can see myself among the clouds, and after Christ greets me, I can see myself alone, suddenly staring out at the vast amount of clouds.

I Hope to See My Mom in Heaven

Behind me, I hear footsteps. I’d like to imagine that there would be footstep sounds in heaven. Those footsteps quickly embrace me. I can tell that this aura of a being is my mom.  

At this moment I was shocked because I missed her for many years. All I had left of my mom were vanishing images in my mind and photos. Yet, when I turned around to face her, my eyes met hers, and those images I held onto on Earth didn’t matter anymore. 

With my eyes laid upon her, I saw that she had not aged one bit. Her face was covered in tears of joy and as she pulled away I saw her smile again. The smile I thought I’d never see again. My insides felt warm at that moment and the pain I held onto so closely disappeared.

My Tour of Heaven Would be Done By My Mom

On earth, my mom got very excited about things she enjoyed and loved. I could see her excitement as she took my hand to give me a tour of heaven. All I could think was wow, I really hope that this is what heaven is like. 

But before she can begin to show me anything I can hear in the lights behind me, familiar voices yelling my name. When I turned around to connect the voices with faces, I saw that my family was running to greet me. 

In my mind, I’m assuming I’m the last to die from my immediate family. It’s such a relief to see that in heaven my family will have been forgiven and I would have forgiven them for any arguments on earth. But my biggest relief comes from them forgiving me completely for my mistakes and loving me as I am. 

What I saw was that I’ll finally get to enjoy my family being all together and peaceful with one another.

There’s such joy in my heart when I get hugged by my brother and sisters. The happiness that glows from their eyes and smiles were more than enough to bring me peace from the past. They had forgiven and forgotten all their hurts and pains on Earth and it’s as if we only remember beautiful memories.

Seeing my Father in Heaven Will be a Miracle

My welcoming to heaven was more bright than I can ask for. Yet as my mind transitions into this new way of life I remember that the last person I need to find up here is my father. He’s the one person I was so concerned for. I knew not what else to do but to ask my mother about my father. 

On earth, my parents never spoke to each other again after their divorce. I forgot that that would be an issue but my mother saw no issue with me wanting to look for my father. Except, I didn’t have to look. She knew exactly where he was.

My mother takes my hand and walks me past clouds, rainbows of many colors, and animals. Whales were swimming above me. The howls the whales made echoed in heaven. At the same time, the fish and birds swam and flew past me and seemed to be enjoying the warmth from the infinite light God has in heaven. I saw that water flowed abundantly. So many people were enjoying and relaxing in the water. There were no worries in heaven.

And of course. My father was there, by the water.

My mouth was left open as my mom nudged me to go up to him to let him know that I arrived. For some reason I was scared. My father was someone that I didn’t know if he would be saved. I hoped every day he’d accept heaven. 

In front of me, I can see that he did.

My father was waiting for me. He was waiting for me for many years. He had spent much time remembering our adventures and the work we did together. I can tell because he seemed to be reminiscing about our memories together. I always wanted him to be proud of me.

There He Was My Father in Heaven

Walking up to my dad was nerve-wracking. All I could wonder is if he would accept me as I am. That’s all I ever wanted.

Unexpectedly, he turns around and looks at me. Time stopped for me. I couldn’t tell if he knew I was his daughter. He could have possibly been looking at someone behind me. But how could he miss me? I’m his daughter. 

He saw me. He saw me the way God saw me.

My father asked me to come to him. I did. And he looked at me and told me that he missed me every day since he left earth. He said he was waiting for me. He regretted never telling me he was proud of me. My father was clear to state that before I said anything he needed to say the following:

“Yessenia, I’m proud of you. You have done more for your family, and your children than I could’ve ever done. Yessenia, you made me so proud. You were a fighter, fighting for others. That’s why God kept you on earth for so long. Now, you are here. You can finally rest knowing that your work is done. I’m proud of you, and so is your family.”

I Hope to God Heaven is Real

When I think of heaven, I hope I can finally witness peace amongst my family. Imagining the embrace I’ll receive from family and friends helps me find relief down here on earth. To know that all this will be over and I’ll be able to finally sit and enjoy God’s wonders has me draw a deep breath when I’m stressed or overwhelmed.

When I’m in a bad place mentally, I breathe deeply and think of heaven. If I’m crying over the amount of stress I have at work, I think of heaven. 

I look to the trees, the sky, the moon, and the light for assurance that all of this sadness will end soon. Imagining heaven reminds me that we will all bow down to Christ one day.

All of my worries will disappear. I won’t have to work to relax and be free from stress.

I know that it’s hard to believe that heaven can be for real. Of course, it’s tough. But I rather believe and hope heaven will be like this than believe there’s nothing left for us after this life. I ruly hope this is what heaven is like.

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