What I Want My Daughter to Know

What I Want My Daughters to Know
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I am twenty-three, actually, almost twenty-four, and am a mother of two wonderful girls. I’ve had many jobs but recently including one where I worked for six hours in a cold refrigerator.

Working in a refrigerator for six hours doesn’t seem like much but, while working in that fridge I was very down and depressed. I didn’t feel like the work I was doing was being appreciated and so I decided to apply for jobs in the caregiving field. I had worked in the field before in 2014 where my work and time meant something to someone.

I felt I was valued as a person. I was someone who helps and cares for people. The people I cared for were male, female, black, white, orange, or yellow with disabilities that were mental or physical.

I also care for my daughters every day so why not care for others when I’m already a natural at it.

I also would help these individuals with disabilities to achieve their weekly goals  they set for themselves. Whether their goal is to get a new job or meet new people. I would make them feel a part of their community.

This week I am applying to two different companies in hope, that one will rehire or hire me and just maybe I can have both jobs.

I will then be able to get back on my feet and support my two daughters on my own for once. I’ve been living on and off with my mom. I have also lived a couple times with boyfriends. That did not work out and so I am hoping to get us all into our own home all on my own.

I want to be able to show my girls that I was able to become something more than just a single mom who lives with her own mom and has to depend on child support and welfare to live. I want to prove that I am able to pick myself up from where I am and get back to where I was before and even better. I want my daughters to know what it is to make goals and reach them.

I want them to be proud that I’m working this hard to make sure they have a great future.

I want them to have a stable life and to learn from my mistakes.

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